whats wrong with me

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    SO, im awake again! surprise surprise!
    Third night in a row that I have woken up in tears. And you know the first thing that came to mind after all this time was still to just hurt myself.
    I have no idea what is going on with me. I was doing so well so legit well. And apart from having anxiety i have been able to live life pretty smoothly.
    I don't wanna pry or complain but i have no where else to vent right now and i get afraid ill just do the easy thing. Most of you i know are going to say that i need to go see my psychologist. Perhaps your right, only i don't really find the idea to thrilling.... considering its been a long time since ive seen her. Alot has happened... but alot has been healed... oh what to do!!
    I hate having a tired mind its the worst... and instead of trying to sleep im hear typing my pointless feelings onto some spot on the internet in the mere hope to feel better....
    lifetime movies and a huge bottle of water are my friends tonight... better than a basket of food or a razor blade hey.... defiantly a different person typing this...

    anyways im sorry xxx
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    Don't be sorry hun i think coming here releasing your thoughts does help releasing some anxiety sadness as well. Your meds may need to be adjusted that all and many many people go back to see their psychologist after a time away You would not be the first hun I am glad you are harming yourself hugs