What's wrong with me?

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    So, I have never really done this..... I am completely rejected by society. Even by many of my own race. I am Mexican and soon as the other Mexican people around me figured out I was bisexual they pushed me out completely. I haven't told my mom yet. I tried to by asking her opinions on gays and she said "They should do everyone a favor and stay in the closet!" She pushed me so far in the closet I can't see the door anymore. I can't stand not being able to be myself around her. I am so depressed. I am afraid to seek help. I am afraid how my family will react. I feel like I am seeking attencion when I tell my friends what's going on. There are so many people in this world, yet I feel so alone. Worst of all I am afraid of myself.
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    I saw recently on the news how a transgender 17 year old killed herself because of how people, mostly her own family because they were religious nutcases, rejected her for being what she was, and she left a suicide note on Twitter saying that she wanted her death to mean something. And even after she died, her mom kept calling her a he. I just thought that was so sad...and it astonishes me how parents can be so clueless about all the damage they are doing to their kids by being such closed minded imbeciles. I will never be able to grasp that concept...If your child believes something that you dont understand, then you need to try to start understanding it. Thats what a decent parent should do. Otherwise they dont deserve to have a kid. Anyway...Im very sorry youre going through that, but like I said some people, especially certain cultures (my family is Russian and have a completely different set of values than I do as well) are very close minded to certain things and will probably never change. But that doesnt mean there is a problem with you. They are the problem, even if they fail to realize it. So, please, even if you cant get their support, find it somewhere else from someone who does understand and dont let their ignorance get you down. Its not worth it.
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    I understand how you feel. My sister came out as bisexual and my mom told her that it's not a real thing. But here's what I learned from that situation, no one can take away who you are unless you let them. Find people in your life who will accept you for you, and embrace them wholeheartedly. Godspeed my friend. :)
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    Hi Lopez, I am sorry you are feeling so alienated. It must be hard trying to come out and admit you are bisexual when the people around you are not going to approve. Your main problem seems to be that you have no one to talk to, you can message me anytime you want. As you said there are billions of people in the world and I am sure you will find that a lot of people will like you and accept you for who you are. Just try and remain positive for now until you figure out how to approach this. Best of luck lopez x
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you are down. Yes, you are in a tough situation where you think that you will be rejected by your community and close family. It's hard but you need to remain calm like the others have spoken.
    Sexuality is a difficult area to deal with but in a modern society you would have thought acceptance would be easy. It took a lot of courage from yourself to post here.

    The important thing is to remain safe and not act on any thoughts. It might be worth you contacting any LGBT organisations who can also help and support you.

    Please keep posting here for support. Remember no one is judging you here but merely showing compassion in your hour of need.
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    Nothing is wrong with you!

    You have the ability to love and care for a person for who they and and not just what gender they are.

    I am ashamed to admit how little I knew or understood about the horrors the LGBT kids go through. I thought the world was more accepting and open. My daughter has become very active in the LGBT community at her college and some of the things she tells me has made me ashamed to be human.

    I do not understand the people who may shun you. I will never understand a parent who drives a child out. I have no excuse for them. I am so angry that anyone would inflict that pain on a child, on any person.

    There are people who do not judge. There are places where life is easier for LGBT kids and adults.

    A lot of colleges even have LGBT dorms and support groups.

    Please do not feel alone, you are not.