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What's wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by xan, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    Ok last night I felt like shit, was jamming a thumb tack into my arm, smashing my face with my fists and felt like crying myself to sleep, this morning I wake up, go to the gym and start singing in the shower (yeah I do that :p ) and thinking "Hey, life isn't so bad!" But I kinda know it's not gunna last long, I've read about people who were bipolar having mood swings like that but I always thouhgt it was for longer periods? I dunno... sorry for probably posting the millionth thread like this and for anyone with bipolar looking at the screen thinking I'm just posing.. I dunno.. yeah self esteems an issue.. and paranoia (nearly got dumped for that :/)... depression.. pessimism... lost appetite.. less sleep.. just one freaking ball of crazy... :sad:
  2. iKarma

    iKarma Well-Known Member

    It is possible that you are rapid cycling. How long have the mood swings been going on for?
  3. elvinchild

    elvinchild Well-Known Member

    Yeah it definitely could be rapid cycling. I was diagnosed with bipolar II and my mood swings are very short lived, lasting a week at absolutely longest and sometimes lasting only a few hours.

    There is some debate about my diagnosis however. It also could be borderline personality disorder - which my therapist is convinced I have. Its very similar except rather than the mood swings essentially being caused by a chemical imbalance, they tend to come from environmental triggers. Its like being super super sensitive. It also usually comes with self-harm, and is often born out of a traumatic experience in the past, maybe abuse or even just a rough childhood in general (my parents weren't abusive but they seem to be the "trauma" related to my borderline personality).

    If your mood swings seem more situational than just inevitable, unprovoked swinging, it could be borderline. Its also possible to be diagnosed with both.
  4. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    Thanks... :unsure: Still... not sure I want to go see anyone about it...
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Even if you go see your regular doctor ask him what he thinks It could be a lot of things like you thyroid not working properly. Get the thyroid fix and this could help. Get a medical check up so you can rule out any thing that is medically wrong with you and wouldn't it be great to know that if it is medical issue it can be fixed take care see your doc okay
  6. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    Mmm.. i don't have a regular doctor... I've been like twice in last 3 years to two different ones...
  7. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    as was said it sounds like a rapid cycle. i think you should see a doctor about it get some control over the swings. here if you need to chat tho dont knwo what i can do :hug:
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