Whats wrong with suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lost07, May 14, 2007.

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  1. lost07

    lost07 New Member

    I'm 25 and have been considering suicide for some time now, I just don't see the point of life. The bad days out weigh the good and I think it will just take one more bad experience for me to finally end it. Is suicide such a bad thing if the person will finally be free of their problems, I consider myself to be quite rational about it and if there was a pain free method I would of been gone a long time ago.
  2. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    Youve held on for some reason !!!! talk to me lost im here...
  3. lost07

    lost07 New Member

    yeah i held on because i thought it would improve but it just gets worse
  4. BrokenIcarus

    BrokenIcarus Member

    Lost -

    I wish I had some answers, or kind words to help it seem easier...but I don't. I'm sorry. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but all I can say is I know how you feel and you are not alone.

    I know it's only a pretend hug, but I hope it's okay that I am sending one your way. I know often times, I wish someone were around to just hug me and tell me that we're in it together, that I am not alone.:hug:
  5. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    lost what happened to you why do you feel this way not that im saying there has to be a reason..
    ok try this start with when and what are you doing when these feelings appear?
  6. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I'm 25 also and have been considering suicide for about six months now. Other than the sadness it causes relatives I really don't see what is so wrong about it either. This world is really a horrible place when you actually stop to think about it in it's entirety, a place I personally don't wish to live in much longer. I'm leaning towards nicotine poisoning as my solution but I am unsure how painful it will be. Does anyone know?
  7. Ellycat

    Ellycat Active Member

    I personally don't think there is anything wrong with suicide. To have the power over when to do it is a tremendously brave thing. Why suffer those lonely humdrum days when you can just send yourself into a deep sleep. I always have thought for some time that I would be 46 when I would take my own life. Although that is probably because how old Oscar Wilde was when he died. Dang another 3 years to wait.:sad:
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