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What's wrong with the youth of today....

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by itmahanh, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    You hear so many people asking that. Well yesterday on a local radio station they were talking about how some places want to ban the time old rite of childhood, the sleepover. Yep because it is now seen as too dangerous.
    Do any of these so called do-gooders ever stop and really think about what they are doing to the children of today. With their overprotecting reasons to stand beside them, they are one by one eliminating anything for the children to do or look forward to. Anyway to learn right from wrong and how to make decisions for themselves. And as one disappointment follows on the heels of another the kids soon see nothing worthwhile to try and obtain in their futures either. They have no need or desire to want to look forward to anything. The "fun" of being a child is slowly being stripped away. Then those same experts etal are astounished at the facts that;the majority of
    children today are overweight,lack imagine, they have no self esteem, they have no goals and in general children today are bored. They have no reason to challenge themselves. And then the topper to the cake.... children are growing up way too fast in todays' society. Duh... you dont say!!!! Give your heads a shake people!! If we dont let our children experience things, maybe get hurt once in a while, find out that life isnt always just handed to you on a silver platter and that sometimes you just have to have a little fun, then we may as well just bubble wrap them from birth, stick them in a corner, tell them to have fun and walk away.
  2. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Everything will sort itself out by the time they're 30. Each generation screws up its kids in its own way, and it always sorts itself out, more-or-less.
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Ah yes the dont worry about it and it will eventually go away or mend itself outlook. Well over the generations we are seeing each one becoming more disassociated with the world around them. These kids are growing up expecting more and more that what ever they need should be given to them. Why should I have to do it someone will protect me and just give it to me. How many posts do you read about youths here that are ready to suicide because they see what others have and expect the same. But they arent motivated to try and get those things. Why would they? Why work at something that someone else is going to just come and take away anyhow? Why struggle only to possibly find disappointment? Why let myself be hurt? They are not being allowed the opportunities as children to experience these things so have no idea in young adulthood how to deal with these issues. They are being robbed of their identities as people. They are feeling like they have no worth. Once when my now oldest was just a toddler his 2 grandpas were sitting outside watching him play. One grandpa said "oh if that little tyke was falling I'd try to run out and grab him and stop him from being hurt." The other said " I'd let him fall so he learned the consequences and prepare himself for the next time." Which grandpa is being cruel?
  4. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I grew up when I did - the 70s. Back then, we played tag, board games, frisbee, big wheel, bikes, handball, joke, laugh, hang out, Mad Libs, draw, paint, do wheelies, bubblebaths (now they cause cancer) you name it, it was there in the 70s. And that long brandished enemy of the imagination, Television, wasn't too bad either. You could watch it and still have imagination. You had to, 'cause back then you had Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman. Who would want to miss that. Female empowerment made females sexier!

    Now everything is dried up and dead. Everything is dedicated to production and technology. Nothing spiritual or creative anymore. I sincerely believe that my generation was one of the smartest. Technology has made succeeding generations dumber, lazier and crankier. Where will children learn the virtues of patience and dreams?

  5. kurenai

    kurenai Well-Known Member

    Very true... all my young years I felt like I was in prison, protected from harm by not being allowed to go to sleepovers, friend's houses or anywhere that wasn't home or school... school didn't stimulate me intellectually at all, and I felt like I was turning into a factory drone, instead of an independent thinker. I read a lot of books though and I wrote stories instead of watch tv like most people I knew so my brain came out in much better shape. Much of my generation are zombies, that all want to be the same and hate anyone who acts or thinks differently... theyre pretty scary kids. And when we all grow up, we'll run the world and the world will continue to be screwed up. And then we'll blame tommorow's youths...
  6. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    I think the OP is correct! Just to add...my nieces and nephews have been holding iphones or other high-tech items in their hands continuously for several years. And like one other poster commented, they are simply "drones" with no desire to read books or seek human contact. They are all in their mid to late teens now and I can't distinguish one from another as they lack any definitive personality traits.
  7. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I just don't agree with that. Every generation complains about how "kids these days" are different from previous generations, and they look for reasons why.

    They're not being dissociated from -the- world. They're being dissociated from -your- world.
  8. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    And I don't agree with that! Yes, they are disassociated with my world, my childhood of the 1960's. But they are also quite different from the kids of the 70's and 80's. I found those to be different but not disassociated. It's only my opinion. But it's based on the accute observation of several distinct groups.

    This is not some idle comment off the "top of my head" (what's left of it! :laugh:). It's at least partially based on psychological and social analysis by many different observers of various professions with whom I happen to agree. And that is only their opinion. So, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  9. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    im an 80s child. i was brought up with manners. but kids today, they dont accept our generations. because of this we generally refuse to accept them. its the age old war between age and wisdom or youth and freshness
  10. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    I think every generation makes unique and common mistakes, and as a society we learn from them. That generation that endured these mistakes remember them because they happened to them, and strive to not let those hinderences affect their children. I believe as a side effect they hinder other elements of life by protecting their children from the problems the parents perceive.

    The more aspects of life we learn and incorpoate into our lives, the more issues we are creating for our children. Equality, freemdom of speech, technology, culture adaptations, the direct challenge of religions and who we are, our relationship with all life on the planet, yadda yadda yadda. We're creating and identifying issues, and as we identify them, our children do. Creating new and inventive possibilities for them to explore, and exploit. Knowledge is the best damn thing ever, but knowledge is exactly that. It's application is open, and without understanding for all involved, youre going to get abuse of knowledge and it's application. Especially from kids.

    On the other front, kids are constantly stimulated, leaving little room for mental exploration of their own. Always something new, slaves to the masses of knowledge and subjections we as society throw in their faces day in and day out.

    Meh. There's so many ways of looking at it, because there are so many unique events for each child and family and social aspect.

    I will say this, understanding and acceptance of life and people and differences is great, but it can make us weak, in comparison to defined aspects. Like for example, NAZIS :D. They had a drive and a beliefe, limited, narrow, so narrow that the absolutely horrible were allowed, and with a limited understanding of others and a twisted beliefe in themselves, they had a sort of way that kept them "strong" and let them go and "learn" things that would take us alot longer. What I'm trying to say is, we have to becareful with our kids today. Sure understandind can appear to weaken us, but without it, we become the weakest we can ever be. I don't think nazis for our kids, I recon actually they're going to be amazing when they're our age, .. well I hope so. It's really late post feels like its everywhere.

    I wonder, forget what I wrote above, what's the grand universal desire now a days that we dangle like candy infront of our kids? World peace? (na..) Acceptance? Ability to be who want to be? Thrills? Great discoveries into life and it's origins? Religion?(Na..) .. Money? betcha it's still money. Money = every desire every kid wants still. Maybe it's a combination of the lot and more. I know the UKS got some shit with their kids. Oh wait, "youths". Chaffs or whatever they call them. They apparently know they are protected by the law, so the kids can run amok causeing "chaos". Well... What exactly are you offereing kids? You want them to be well mannered? Well educated? For what? Too what? What's our next extreme? Fuck it lets light a car onfire while society argues that one out. A combination of many things leads to many issues, and sometimes it only has to happen to a small group of kids before the child "ideology" spreads to others.

    But im kinda outta my mind tonight and speaking without specifics.
    itmahanh Do you have something specific? It's too generalized. Maybe you could share some of the issues you mean specifically. Kinda interested
  11. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    The issue is that children and youth today have no idea of self worth. They dont understand what it means to do for themselves, set expectations or goals for the future. How to learn from life experiences and how to grow from them. For the record I am speaking about North American children. Many other countries and continents around the world still seem to hold cultural and ethical morals in high standing and those are passed along through the generations. A common root so to say that each generation has to start from atleast.
    It appears that the more financial power a country has the less the population seems to value the strength of morals and ethics. I mean look at the USA and Canada. It isnt get a career in something you like ( get the highest paying thing you can find), buy a home as a necessity to live in ( there's 4 in our family so lets go get a 6 bedroom 2 bathroom place), own a form of reliable transportation (gotta have that 4 wheel drive, all terrain, gas guzzlin hummer to drive the 6 blocks on solid concrete to get to work). It's get all you can while you can to look better than the person next door. And when our children are young we seem to spend little to no time teaching them to do for themselves, learn from mistakes or even make decisions for themselves. How many youths today (say 12 - 14 years of age) know how to make mashed potatoes and cook a cut of meat? Most know how to take a frozen little box out of the freezer and how to nuke it. Why? Well it's too dangerous for little Johnny to do that. No... it isnt. It's more like Mommy or Daddy just cant find the time to teach them. So instead it becomes too dangerous. Little Stacey cant go on the internet because it is too dangerous. No it isnt. No one has ever taken the time to sit with little Stacey and spend some quality time with her while she is on the internet. No one has ever taken the time to properly explain... you dont give out personal information on the internet. So instead of learning to protect herself, it becomes too dangerous and just dont do it. Things that promote socialization, imagination, methods of learning to cooperate and work out problem amongst peers are being taken away and replaced with video games and other electronic garbage. For God's sake people are lining up to by a game that gets you to exercise and participate in sports in the privacy of your own home!!! What is wrong with getting on a bike and pedalling around your own neighborhood and God forbid maybe even bump into your neighbor and see what's going on in the world!! That is of you have the time to get your knee and elbow pads, helmet, spandex riding shorts and reflective garments on before the sun goes down and you have no light to drive by. And forget about asking Stacey or Johnny. They dont know how to ride a bike but damn they know how to beat the shit out of a person, steal a car and use every profanity known to mankind without ever having stepped out their front door ( thank you Grand Theft Auto).
    Then when those same children have no ambition, fear their own shadow etc what do they hear? Why are you so lazy? Why are you so stupid? Why cant you do anything right? Well Mom and Dad, it's just too dangerous!!!!! And I really cant see any worth in doing it or learning. And if you arent going to just give it to me, why would I want it?
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  12. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    I don't think there under educating us/me,but over educating us.Schools are loosing recess and phisical education,so they have more work time(you wonder why kids are over weight)
  13. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    and BTW there kids(like me)on this forum who don't like getting bashed by you,what if I was born when you were and you were born when I was.I wouldn't be playing my video game and you wouldn't be doing your board game or whatever.Every generation does it own things.Board games aren't what my generation does.LIVE WITH IT,and it not like your generation is any better
  14. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    About the education I fully agree. The schools are more interested in teaching youth how to use a computer. Before they can even spell their own names correctly. How to use a calculator instead of memorizing the multiplication tables. How to write open book tests and exams instead of instilling the ability to study and retain what one may have learned. Physical education? In Canada the government in a feeble attempt to try and make the youths atleast more fit, have made P.E. madatory in the senior level years. So you are taking a bunch of children who up til then have really no desire to be active and are generally overweight by that time, and forcing them to take P.E. Which in my day (lol) meant physical activity. Now it is all written and oral in the school and the students have to do activities at home and the parents have to sign in x amount of hours that their child participated in a physical activity. And guess what? Playstation isnt considered a physical activity on the curriculum! Recess, when students could enjoy some time amongst themselves, play, burn off some energy, socialize, get some fresh air even. A thing of long ago in many schools today. But now... too dangerous. A stranger might come up to little Johnny and the poor thing doesnt know that it is wrong to talk to a stranger. And the teachers are too busy in the staff room to be outside supervising.
    But you have it all wrong about me bashing you. I am trying to support the many members here that feel that they have no worth. No one has taken the time to show them their worth. Everyone today is too busy passing the buck up for that responsibility and throwing out words like too dangerous or too complicated. When in fact it is that they just dont want to make the time. So a generation of young people are growing up thinking they are worthless and cant do anything right, there is no future to aim for and it is all their fault. Not so at all. If I'm bashing anyone it's my age group hun for being to lazy to take the responsibilities for the youths we brought into this world.
  15. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    By the way... noticed your comment where it says "real name." You see some worth in yourself and know how to protect yourself too! All hope is not lost for the future generation after all. Thank you.
  16. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Please don't take this so personally. Itmahanh and I are only making some general comments based on our perception of what is going on right now. This is only our opinion based on what we have experienced and seen in our lives. Maybe you will be able to see what we are trying to say in 30-40 years and perhaps you will be as dumbfounded as we are right now.

    Just one question. Do you really think that 4 people getting together in the same room to play "Monopoly" is the same as 4 people on the internet playing a game with people they've never met?
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  17. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Now Mike that may not be a fair question to throw at young suicider. If Monopoly isnt available in some form of electronic playware, he/she may not know what you're talking about! (lol).
  18. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    I think that a lot of this perception (that is always levied at the generation after whoever is doing the accusing, with no exceptions), comes from differing viewpoints and ideaologies that were drummed into you as a child / teenager yourself.

    For example: My dad, who's in his sixties, fails to understand that, for my generation - rightly or wrongly (and that can be debated for now 'till the end of time) - the internet isn't purely for looking up information such as a map or things of that nature - we use it to communicate. My mother however, in her fourties, understands this to a degree.

    While electronic entertainment and technology has come on by leaps and bounds over the last 50 / 60 years, it doesn't mean that all of us are simply going to be swamped up and in effect, indoctrinated by it - while I don't write letters and think of them as 'old-fashioned', it doesn't mean that I won't get up off my arse and send a post card or letter by hand if I was given the chance.
    While I don't play football in the street, or anything like that, I've no real interest in that, and I much prefer either A) being in the pub with some friends, or B) out and about taking walks, or, at times C) being online. I'm sure that's not just confined to 'our' generation - you all must do too, as you're here on SF, reasonably often.

    Basically, don't tar us all with the same brush - we're not all internet addicted nobodies. ;)

    As for Mike's comment:

    Of course it isn't - you don't have the camaraderie that you'd have with friends, but then again, if you're enjoying yourself and occupying yourself, one could say - does it really matter?

    Ooh, and Carla - having re-read your post.. While I'm a tad overweight (university life of crap food and beer tends to do that ;) ), I'm working on losing that - how? By cycling, walking ... and also admittedly doing a workout with a Wii fitness thingymajig. Regardless, I exercise, I enjoy it and like life as it is :)
    I agree though, that such things such as 'Health and Safety' (though that may be purely a British thing) are getting ridiculous to say the least... Bloody ridiculous things, they are.. Look at this very amusing example. Le sigh.
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  19. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Well Joe that pretty much brings me back to the origianl post. So many "experts" deciding that too many things are dangerous. If these same agencies spent a little funding encouraging parents, teachers and care givers to spend a little more quality time and instruction with children, maybe childhood memories could be of fun and life lessons being learned instead of sitting in front of a TV watching videos and playing games. When are these same experts going to finally realize just how dangerous these games really are to the youth of today?
    When I was young I had a Wood Burning Set. Yep an incredibly hot needle that you used to burn patterns on a piece of wood. Can you imagine!!!!!??? But hmmm made it to 45 even after playing with such a dangerous toy. Why? Because I was taught how to use it properly and that it could be dangerous (ask my younger brother when I used to be able to convince him to "test" it to see if it was ready lol). We climbed trees right beside the river. We built forts in those same trees, using hammers and saws without a single adult in sight. We played tin can hockey in the streets. How and when did these become so dangerous now? You respected yourself enough to use things properly, and someone took the time to tell you how to use them. Now instead, it's dangerous, take it off the market, ban it, board it up. I'm sorry but in my opinion, the youth today have no reason or means to challenge their imaginations, their limitations, or their level of self respect. All they are learning with unlimited hours of video games is eye hand coordination. Oh and dont forget a whole new appreciation of curses and foul language. I'm sorry maybe old fashioned, but damn it I had "real" fun when I was young, learned how to and how not to get hurt and survived to 45. Too many youth today are growing up feeling worthless, unimportant and having no ambtion or goals to set for. They need some challenges to bring those qualities out. It's just so sad that in the efforts to keep them safe, they are being smothered alive.
  20. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Er. Ok i donno what I wrote last night but i whole heartidly disagree with you. I think you've blanketed alot of kids and families. I definatly agree though that this is a reality for some children, but I do not believe this is the reality for most, nor do I believe that the ones who have attributes like your observations are exactly like that from start to finish. You're going to get clusters of everything. I'm originally from vancouver, and I don't believe our kids are anything like this.

    The whole
    Am I the only one who thinks this is depressing in itself? Maybe this is the reasons for some of the issues with kids. They kind of see the whole repetitive complex with that. How can we expect so much for our children when this is the basic we offer them? We're growing as a species, yet our common end dreams for our kids are 50 years old. In my opinon atleast.
    They're definatly a good structure, but as a basic structure are easily attacked too, - lack of space, materalistic views and desires, contributing to planet wide destruction through our own incompetence. - Though this is from the educated children who give a toss.

    Kids are really physcially active too. Believe me, it's not all about video games. Though video games are the easiest way to occupy kids so the parents can have a life/break. But that's a reality. Take this point, who teaches the children morals and guides them, and all the things that seem to be lacking in children. It's the parents. Maybe the focus is the incompetent parents. .. kids love playing outside, trust me.

    The whole over protective thing.. er. Where do you live? Just because some idiot goes on the news, and some idiotic panel passes a law prohibiting something to "protect" our children, doesn't mean the vast majority of kids are sheltered. Without proper guidence, going on the internet, going to the park, driving a car is dangerous. It's a team effort between the children and the adults in my view.

    I'm not too sure what we're debating. Is it the lack of direction of children? Lack of drive? The inabilty for parents to allow their children to live and experience life? The affect effects of overall parental protection? Lack of taught morals by parents to children? Lack of implentation of morals by children?
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