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whats wrong

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Hi. When I was younger I used to be cheerful, help whoever needed help, and I used to be really athletic. For the past few years I have been in a giant mood swing every single day, going from mad to happy, crying to emotionless. I hear voices in my head telling me to do things, so I stopped going to school, stopped playing sports, stopped my life pretty much.

I have been to psychologists, but they want to give me pills, which I think are only so I talk to them so they can find out information. And one psychologist suggested sending me to an insane asylum. I stopped going to her. I don't want to be like this it just happened, and I want to find out what is wrong.

Do any of you have an Idea of my problem, or what I should do to find out?
Any help would be appreciated.
i feel ya bro. im lookin for shit to change too.
i havent been to a dr yet. but i would like to.
this shits gotta change soon. or im on my way out.

one thing about it.... i know i wanna be batman.

i wanna be batman cuz everybody really aint shit to me.
my super hero picture me if i was batman.
studios and shows,utility belt with a compartment for the free rolls
Smokin' bat bud off in the bad cave


I would try to find a psychologist or therapist that you feel comfortable with. Having someone knowledgable and understanding to talk with can be a big help. Don't give up, it took me a while to find someone who I felt okay with.

Also a psychiatric evaluation might be wise to find out exactly what is going on. A good diagnosis will mean that a doctor will better know what meds to put you on.

Hope this helps.
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