Whats Your Bucket List??

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by booklovr, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    hi lovely people...
    waves at bobbob
    heres my bucket list...things i wanna do before i die..
    My bucket list

    1.) To read 10,000 + books

    2.) To get lots and lots of tattoos

    3.) To get my dream figure

    4.) To get emo hair

    5.) To coloyr my hair glossy light blue-green

    6.) To do full harry potter movie marathon

    7.) To do a friends marathon

    8.) To make my art portfolio

    9.) To open a youtube channel and post lots and lots of videos

    10.)To learn how to play piano and violin

    11.)To make my own music album(I love singing)

    12.)To go on a cross continent drive

    13.)To visist Greece …santorrini and cruise through the Aegean islands

    14.)To own cats called bastet and Minerva

    15.)To own a black dog called Sirius

    16.)To learn to dance contemporary

    17.)To learn ballet

    18.)To write and publish my very own books(s)

    19.)To go on a holiday with no preplanning

    20.)To audition for a modeling act and the voice

    21.)To visit Disneyland and the Hogwarts theme park

    22.)To fall in love

    23.)To have the perfect date

    24.)To buy my first bong and grow weed

    25.)To live with my best friends

    add your gotta-do s on people!!!
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  2. Mira_Ciara

    Mira_Ciara Active Member

    1.) Sky-Dive
    2.) Ride in a Helecopter
    3.) Travel outside the US on Plane.
    4.) Move out of State
    5.) Visit Disneyland
    6.) Have a house full of fur-babies
    7.) Go on a Cruise
    8.) Become skinny
    9.) Attend a Concert
    10.) Paraglide across the Ocean
    11.) Hug a Dolphin :)
    12.) Spend the night in a Haunted House
    13.) Be part of a Horror film crew
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  3. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    its a beautiful list.......
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  4. Mira_Ciara

    Mira_Ciara Active Member

    Thank you!!!! :)

    Love yours too!
  5. Flaxney

    Flaxney Well-Known Member

    In no order of importance:
    1.) Visit Macchu Pichu.
    2.) Eat a genuine New York bagel
    3.) Learn to play a musical instrument
    4.) Gain fluency in French
    5.) Form a genuine relationship with someone
    6.) Taste Black Ivory coffee
    7.) Visit the Black Forest in Germany
  6. Mira_Ciara

    Mira_Ciara Active Member

    Nice! I should of added learn Spanish to mine but after years of classes & miserable grades in it I gave up.
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  7. Brittless

    Brittless Well-Known Member

    1) Learn to play the violin or cello
    2) Do something really brave...
    3) Travel the world
    4) Love unconditionally
    5) Make connections with different and unique minded people
    6) Start a riot
    7)Participate in a revolution
    8)Finish a novel
    9) Laugh. Laugh so hard I cry.
    10) Find peace./ Meditate.
    11) Advocate for the mentally and physically ill.
    12) Heal from my autoimmune disease and live forever...
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  8. SinisterKid

    SinisterKid We either find a way, or make one. SF Supporter

    1: To get through today
    2: To get through tomorrow.
    3: To get through Monday

    If I manage that little list, it will be a great achievement and then maybe I can look at the rest of the week.
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  9. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    Your so right ..... *hugs* it's an achievement getting through it all...and I'm so proud of you for that...keep going ..and be strong
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  10. Deety

    Deety SF Supporter

    Wow, all such wonderful lists, great thread! I smiled with the thought of quite a few of the items. I will have to think a while before I come up with my own. For quite some time it was just to sort through my belongings and clean my house.
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  11. Deety

    Deety SF Supporter

    Oh, and I had cats named Minerva and Aphrodite when I was a teenager.
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  12. twowolves80

    twowolves80 Darkness Incarnate; don't even bother

    1. Leave the U.S.
    2. Renounce my citizenship
    3. Get stranded on an island with just enough food and water to sustain me indefinitely
    4. Watch a final sunset
    5. Let go.
  13. iam

    iam SF Supporter

    Swim with sharks - done
    Swim in a hot spring while snow is falling all around - done
    Disney Land - done
    Tell the one I love how I feel -
    Live off grid and alone -
    Travel the world -
    Learn to play guitar - started
    There's not but that's a start
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  14. SS1

    SS1 Member

    Visit Santorini, Greece
    Get licensed for Scuba diving
    See the Northern lights
    Treak Machu Picchu
    Own a dog one day
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  15. iam

    iam SF Supporter

    Yes Mach Picchu going on my list
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