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What's your favorite song?

I'm not sure if this applies to anyone else, but music gets me through some dark days sometimes. I like a little bit of everything, from country to opera, jazz to metal, depending on my mood. It's not uncommon on my good days for people to see me driving around town singing at the top of my lungs to something playing on my car stereo. :)

Do you have a particular song that speaks to you? Or maybe one that you just love rocking out to? Regardless of what kinds of music you listen to, please post your favorite song(s) and/or artists below.

Claudia UK

Well-Known Member
I agree with you east_ coast_mel. Music gets me through the day too and like you I love the variety . I cant stand the silence in the house . When I for example have something important to read or to write I always but classic music on as it helps me to focus. :):)

Innocent Forever

Go as long as you can. And then take another step.
Chat Pro
SF Supporter
It's specific songs, the words, that speak to me. There are way too many to list. Some are - not in order of favourites. Only wrote a few as I'm sure you won't get to listen to too many....
The wound is where the the light gets in - Jason Gray
Learning - Jason Gray
Here for a reason - Ashes remain
That's not my name - ting tings
I am invincible - Cassadee Pope
Overcomer - Mandisa

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