What's your favorite song?


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To answer the OP, my answer might sound strange but I listen to my favorite songs ONLY when I'm with my friends while we play my favorite game. At other times such as when I am alone, I just turn on the radio and listen to any music that comes on. But if I listen to my favorites, it has to be done ONLY when I'm doing something socially with friends. The reason why is because my happiest times is when I socialize with my friends in person, so I want my favorite music to be associated with those good times. So when I play the music when I'm alone, I feel like I'm wasting them. I know this sounds weird but that's what makes me happy so that's all that counts, right?

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TY Harmony2...

I could never single out one fav. song, as i love so many. i've been playing music all afternoon today, just trying to keep my mind busy with pleasant thoughts
I have many. Although I'm especially fond of Gothic rock and various genres of Metal, especially the more melancholic ones.

If I had to think of a song that truly, truly ''speaks'' to me, though.

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