whats your MSN sn?

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whats your current MSN name? not email but the name you call yourself, also whats your personal message if you have one?

my current name is: "bunny ~-~we dont run, we fall back~-~

and my personal message is: "i hate shopping"

so whats yours? and keep us updated :wink:
'' Joe '' and no message .... amazing huh! :rolleyes:

Last night the message was '' Maths is hell on wheels so they say :tongue: ''

I rarely change my name on there...


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(F)†.. Allo ..†(F)¤ Love never ends ¤(F)..Live as though you'll die tomorrow..(F)..Love as though you'll live forever..(F)Josh x


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Ooh :) purty!

Mine is, right now: "Lauren *Well, do ya, do ya do ya want to?*"
I love Franz Ferdinand! I'm looking for a new one though :)
And personal message: "**Squiggle. Gotta love it. How else would you describe it?**... Hootenanny Yum Yum :P Two and a Half Men ROCKS"

I forgot that was on there, I should change that too :laugh:
Mines :

Jess *ºDoes That Make Me CraZzY??¿¿º*

personal message=

"Save Water, Drink Corona. THRILLA!!!

:huh: odd mood
My MSN name is: "Lauren (*) Neddie Seagoon, late of the eighteenth century, and part inventor of the explodable, steam-driven hairless toupee! (*)" (I know, I SOOOO need a new one...any ideas?!?!?!

And my personal message is: "It's orgylicious!! - love ya babe xx - Joe: "I thought you said you were easy." Me: "Bwahahaha.""
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