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Whats your religious orientation

what is your religious orientation?

  • Atheist: Nothing out there

    Votes: 56 34.8%
  • So sure: I follow a particular religion

    Votes: 31 19.3%
  • Agnostic: Theres something or nothing either way

    Votes: 49 30.4%
  • Reincarnation: I am the butterfly

    Votes: 13 8.1%
  • Jedi: Fun choice incase you don't care

    Votes: 12 7.5%

  • Total voters
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left behind

how many here believe in god?....or that life on earth is one happy accidental coincidence?

Whats on the other side?

I'm an atheist by the way
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With religions i'm a pick and mixer, truth can be expressed by atheists and christians and buddhists etc. so why limit yourself to just one? I suppose that makes me an agnostic, but because I recognise that even Yoda was trying to teach young Luke spiritual wisdom perhaps Jedi is a good choice after all.

(I also think that the phrase "Reincarnation: I am the butterfly" doesn't really come across as being totally respectful of other peoples beliefs. Actually "So sure: I follow a particular religion" isn't that good either as the first line in the next post shows. Don't you like religious people?)
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I was raised a Catholic, but now I'm not sure.

I guess I'd like to believe that there is a God, rather than not. I'd rather believe in Heaven and Hell than nothing.

Let's just say that I hope there's a God.


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I believe in God. I do not believe any particular religion has all the right answers. The relationship is between you and God. How you perceive things is up to you. I also believe others viewpoints should be respected. There are no right or wrong answers.


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It's not that I don't believe in god, I just know that it can't and doesn't exist - there's no question of believing or not. Logically it just can't exist!

but to me that is a great thing, it means there is no fate, no divine hand testing me or helping me.

I'm responsible for my life - there's nothing in the way, no one to hinder me, no one to help me, it's all up to me and it's what I make out of life that matters.

to me this gives me enourmous comfort, knowing that I am free to choose my own life and make my own mistakes.

can't imagine how people spend most of their lives being unhappy under the belief that the afterlife will be better. what a waste of time and waste of potential... why not enjoy life now, make life as good as it can be NOW.
If we define God as an omnipotent being which has control over human affairs, surely I agree with netean that this isn't possible. (and is easily seen as a human creation as well, for obvious reasons)

However, if we define God as the existence of intelligence greater and beyond that of humanity, or of some power/ influence that (for lack of better words) is the basis of all events, time, logic, etc. and as such isn't subjected to our universal laws.. well then you still have the possibility of something god-like, though it would be a God disconnected from the affairs of humans. That's how I would think of God.. why should one of greater intelligence have an interest in human life? Human life is for, well... humans.
im athiest, dont believe in anything, never have really. i dont believe anything unless theres proof and there isnt so... and also i reallydont think some magic man is watching over everyone, life isnt a fairytale its depressing. and hows anyone supposed to create the earth in 7 days its just ridiculous load of nonsence, theres scientific proof about how it happened.
:yes: annnyway yeah so im athiest :wink:
the existence of god is the greatest question ever coz everybody has thought about it..I wanna say some things about it:
1. Saying you don t believe in god coz u can t prove it exist is silly coz u can t prove that it doesn t exist..It is pure logic...It s like saying i don t believe in alliens coz i havent seen any.
2. There are millions of people who have walked on this planet that were pure geniuses...So if u study some science like physics don t take for granted that god is for poor uneducated people or fools coz some of the greatest thinkers believed in god [ newton and einstein for instance changed the world with their scientific breakthroughs but they DID believe in god]...If u think that u are clever enough not to believe in god think again coz there have been people smarter than you who did believe in god.
3. The bible is really vague and symbolic when it comes to genesis of the world and mankind.If Moyses had tried to explain Darwin's theory of evolution of species or the big bang theory, instead of genesis and Adam and Eve noone would had followed him.Science can never prove the Bible wrong bcoz it deals with facts not symboles and faith.
4. Believing in god is just sth that works well for some people whereas it doesn t for others.It s a matter of idiosyncracy
5. The church has nothing to do with the original faith...If u wanna be an atheist read the holy books of all the religions first..Even if no religion touches you you ll know what you choose to reject.
I m not saying you should all believe in god, i personally don t know if i do.But you have to respect those who do if u are an atheist and vice versa


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Why do all religious debates come down to either you're an atheist or you believe in God? (Why not gods?)

What does it even mean to say you believe in God? For example how is the idea of a Christian 'God' similar to the ideas of God expressed in Pantheism? Even Satanists believe in God, and just because I don't believe in the 'Christian God' that doesn't make me an atheist. Science can't prove the Bible wrong but it can't prove the Qur'an wrong or the Egyption hymn to Aton wrong. And again why just believe in God, why not believe in gods like the Shintoists do?

The point is it's not a simple choice of believing in God or not.
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