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  1. nhunt

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    i was just wondering what your story is. mine...is just pathetic. basically my parents are divorced, my father who i loathed on the outside(but actually forgave him a long time ago, just didn't tell him) died last year. my mother is depressed. my step father is depressed. my step sister must be crazy since her mother is dead. my brothers off in college. i'm in a private high school and have all the pressure saying do well and get into an ivy league college. i blame myself for my father's death...so does my mom...basically my family is just to complicated for me to understand let alone explain.
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  2. 1izombie

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    hmm my story is pretty lame i really dont wanna write about it....sounds like you been through a lot, sorry for your pain, i really dont know what to say but just thought id write something...
  3. ZombiePringle

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    As Steve said it does sound like you've been through a lot. Does hearing about what others have been through help you out? If thats the case then great idea for a thread but if it will end up not helping then maybe you can just let people focus on how best to give you support. I'm very much willing to share my story with you and anybody else that asks. I actually think I can relate to some of what you've gone through.
  4. nhunt

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    yeah i don't know...i think i didn't go through that much, but it didn't exactly make me a happy child. somehow reading all these threads make me feel a bit better and guilty. i guess better in the sense that i'm not the only one and theres so many people who have it worse. guilty in the sense that i think i shouldn't be depressed because well...just look at these other people. makes me feel like i don't have a right to not like my life...
  5. nolonger

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    I don't really have much of a story. But I guess I'm currently in the middle of writing my story. Who knows how it'll turn out. Some days I think it could suddenly go bad and then BLAM. Blackness.
  6. Daijou

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    Just because you didn't go through as much as a lot of the people here doesn't mean what you did go through was insignificant. It sounds to me like you went through family issues your entire life, which is sometimes very difficult to do, especially when they're always expecting things from you (like perfect grades to get into the perfect college). I can relate a little to how you feel about being guilty for feeling depressed knowing there are people that went through worse. I'd tell my story, but I always find more crap to add to it, and now I hardly know where to begin anymore.
  7. Prof.Bruttenholm

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    I cant really list everything that I've gone through, nor do I want to.
    But I am a pathetic ugly loser who has no real chance of transferring into a good art college or making anything of himself.

    Oh and I'm a monster.
  8. nhunt

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    thanks i guess. but um yeah...maybe i dunno. i think im rather fortunate though. quite fortunate actually. dont even know what the hell im thinking. i think im kinda crazy