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    Growing up, my dumbass trusted people. But somehow, things always ended up biting me in the ass. To where now? I only trusted 2 fucking people. Now one's for some reason blowing me off & the other, my boyfriend...he just doesn't get it. I try explaining to him why i can't trust people & he starts yelling at me why he can't talk to his fucking friends. i'm so sick of trusting people. getting close to people. fuck everyone. fuck life already. i'm over this bullshit. over people's bullshit. over constantly getting talked down to. over constantly my past getting brought up in some way.
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    It is so hard to trust i get that i don't trust anyone really but it seems your bf need you to trust him hun and with any relationship there has to be trust okay I am sorry the lines of communication are not clear between two of you perhaps you getting some therapy that will help you trust a bit more will help your relationship heal some