When Angels Fall...

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  1. When Angels Fall

    Thrust of spirit
    meeting only the void
    Trust in purpose,
    and faith, all spoiled
    Having seen Heaven
    and knowing peace,
    losing their wings,
    fallen from grace
    Love, for love,
    was all once done
    Strength through all
    that now had come
    disappeared, eroded
    Instead of hope,
    only foreboding
    Remembering the warmth of light
    Cherishing the blessed sight
    and knowing that they once belonged
    Yet all holy comfort once longed for,
    and sated
    turns to cries of anguish
    for these so fated;
    The soul now famished,
    once full
    Praying for the calm
    within the storm never-ending
    Seeking balm from suffering
    but the doors
    are shut closed
    angels falling all around,
    in weary defeat,
    silently tumbling to the ground
    Angels, weeping,
    with no solace to be found...

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  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I like this one also very much.:smile: You have such a gift, tho it springs from a desolate place.:sad: I love ya, don't forget that, and just you KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!!!!! Please?:sad:

    love always,:smile:

Thread Status:
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