When angels fall.

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  1. The Unforgiven

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    When angels fall

    Silver moonlight, glitter, glimmer,
    Silent feathers, whisper, call,*
    Innocent hearts break into two,
    *and Rain tears when Angels fall..

    Dappled gleams, tarnished halos,
    Bowed shoulders that once stood tall,
    Rustling wings moaning laments,
    And cry keening when angels fall.

    Streaks of grey on the flawless white,
    Marring truth, entice, enthrall,
    Candles flicker on trust's deathbed,
    No faith can stand when angels fall.

    Stormy clouds frown from the sky,
    Abandoned, the once hallowed halls,
    Loneliness wracks the burdened souls, *
    Darkness spreads, when angels fall.*

    Only human, weren't you? Not *
    flawless, or perfect at all..
    My keeper's died a mortal death,*
    No grace for us, when angels fall.

    And so lightless, my path is lost,
    Alone now that my angels fall.

    28.05.11 **
  2. Terry

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    lovely :smile:
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