When banks make you mad.

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  1. DarnTired

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    I made a mistake last week: I forgot about a charge on my account and wound up $26.00 overdrawn. My fault, I admit it. It happened on Wednesday. I didn't know it at the time and made three ATM card purchases totaling less than $10. When I finally got my check in and deposited it yesterday, I discovered that the bank was charging me $35 per transaction, making a grand total of $105 out of my account.

    I'm unemployed, struggling, broke, starving and tired that these damn things always crop up on a Saturday after business hours because I have to wait until Monday to call them. It's been killing my head all weekend! I hate calling places and asking for a second chance, especially when the fault is initially mine, but I need that money and $105 penalty fee on less than $10 worth of transactions is at the least excessive and at the most ridiculous! All this from intitutions that my tax dollars will be bailing out!

    I'll call tomorrow and do my best, but it drives me insane!
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    my banks the same. i once got charged £100.76 just for going £10 overdrawn. im on benefits myself, so it was hard to get by for two weeks. managed to get £30 by selling my console and games.
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    Aarrgghh! I feel for you. I get charged $10 a month if I don't have their "minimum amount" in my account. (Do you suppose bank presidents just decide, "I know, I know! Let's take money from the suckers who don't have 'enough' money!"? :laugh:)

    Good luck with your phone call. :smile:
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    good luck..they will be rude to you and make you feel like a common criminal.I deposited money in my debit account once,then went out to use my card..they didnt complete the deposit transaction immediately even though I had done the transfer online.I was charged overdraft fees even though I DID have money in the bank AND in another savings account that could have covered the debit transaction.People are better off living in campers and keeping their money under their mattresses unless they are filthy rich.
  5. DarnTired

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    Well, I thought I'd give you an update. I called and they knocked $35 off the fee to make it $70 instead of $105. It still hurts, but not as much. I suppose I could've gotten angry and asked for her supervisor (which I was prepared to due if they had said "piss off"), but the girl was nice and offered to immediately take of the $35. She also set up some alerts for me to let me know when the account was dipping below $10. I know I might've gotten more if I pushed, but when she made the initial offer, I just wasn't in the mood for fighting. She disarmed with her cheerful politness. (The most fiendish ploy ever, curse her!)
  6. The_Discarded

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    Haha, better than it could've been. $70's much better than $105.

    Ugh, know the feeling though. Just gotta be careful. Those alerts really come in handy.


    :rofl: Seriously.