When do the pills wear off?

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    So, the thing is until last night I've never had any psych medication... I went to the Psych ER last night (long and very strange story I might need to jot down when I can).

    They sent me home, though I wanted to stay... but they gave me some pills to take with me. The name of them is handwritten on the little zip lock bag... and I can't fully decipher it.

    I took one before I went to bed when I finally made it home at 4am...

    They did warn me that the pills are supposed to stop all the stupid dangerous racing thoughts, but would also stop most other thoughts too.
    Most of the day I've pretty much been a haze, I haven't been able to think a full thought and I kept falling asleep. I am a little better now, I think. I'm still not totally myself yet.

    How long do meds like that usually take to wear off? I'm not a fan of being in this state. My brain is both my worst enemy and my best friend.
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    I guess I found out the hard way.

    I woke up last night, feeling restless, I guess my brain was back to full capacity because the pill wore off... I couldn't find rest, and when I finally did I had a bad sleep paralysis.

    I did some googling, apparently it was Quetiapine or something? Google tells me it's better known as Seroquel? It seems to be an anti-psychotic.
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    I take seroquel. When I first started taking it. It was affecting me for a good 12 hours. thats how long I felt sluggish. I have been on it for a couple of years now and the side affects are little to none. And works great for what it was meant for. I do take other things along with it now. But at first it was just seroquel.
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    Yes, Seroquel is an antipsychotic. I took it for a while. It helped me sleep, although it didn't stop my thoughts. But I have a psychotic disorder. I wish I could find something to stop my thoughts.

    Google says Seroquel has a half life of 7 hours. I can't remember how long it lasted for me, I was only 17 when I took it.

    I hope you start to feel better!
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