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when do you know

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I mean, the thoughts come and go - right?

But at what point do you know that the thoughts are more than that? That you know you have to act, do something?

How do you choose what to try first?

Am I in crisis right now? To me it feels like a yes. But what am I doing about it? nothing. Does this mean I want help or I don't want help? Do I really want to try this or not?

how do you know? am I just wasting my time even asking, I know its a question that cant' be answered here. Tonight, i don't know what to do. flip a coin?
Hi MoAnamCara,

If you are feeling at risk to yourself then the answer is that yes, you are in crisis hon. You need to reach out for support, and accept that you can't deal with all this crap stuff right now. No one should have to deal with stuff alone, and you aren't an exception. I know we haven't really talked before, but I have been told how lovely you are, and I really hope you are able to reach out for the support that you deserve. Even if you don't want help the fact remains that you NEED it. If you ever need to talk, please feel free to drop me a PM



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I agree with Lost, that if you feel you are in a crisis, then you are...the most valid criteria is how situations affect us...and it is better to care for oneself at those times, than to be in the type of pain I know you are going through (for good reasons)...is there a therapist/pdoc you can talk to and see what suggestions can be made? You deserve to feel better, and have strategies for dealing with this difficult time...J
I am sorry and I thank each of you also.

Tonight is the anniversary of the passing of someone very dear to me. I know this is affecting me the last few days. If they can do it, why can't I?

It is what it is. Please take care.
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My heart is breaking all over again tonight.

I should have been there, I should have known, I feel like I let her down completely.

I feel so close to her tonight, like I'm at where she was before she decided, when she knew she couldn't cope any more and that she wouldn't fail this try.


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Sorry to see you this down - I really am.

Well - lets just say nobody can say for definite what death is - what state of being - a soul - spirit - or nothing?

I think we don't die - we transform - from physical to a soul.

But either way we accept that after life - is forever. I mean - we continue forever - or we are nothing forever.

So - your friend - why would they wish you to leave this world?

Life is so short - when we get old we look back and EVERYONE says - it was so fast.

This world - the life - the physical being and the joys it holds - pleasures - we do not see that again - and this life is important - because we learn things here - sometimes we do not see it - sometimes we refuse to see - but for me - I know there is something more important going on here - eternity will have lessons - maybe - I'm not selling religion and rules here - just saying life means something.

I've known people who killed themselves.

And loved ones who died.

When I die - I'll have eternity - so will not encourage anyone alive here to not complete their lives here.

Life is like school - we might hate it sometimes - but we learn a lot.

For me - I think we're here to love each other - be kind to each other - to help each other make a better world in which our children will have hope.

not much really to ask.

Hard I know with depression to accept we need to learn more.

But its the truth.

Every good person who kills themselves is one less good person to say a kind word.

That could mean life or death.

You not being here - matters a LOT.

I for one , would hope and pray you can see the sense of staying alive for your friend. Mourn - pray - have a drink - remember her with others.

Warmest regards.

I send my good wishes to you.

and a hug also - ah - cannot find the icon - but I will try the code from memory.... :hug: (did it work?)
When you're doing ok, making it, getting on with it and you go see the one person you are paying to help you deal with life, yet you feel soooo worse afterwards, is it really worth it?

Am I blindly fooling myself here? Am I giving false hope to my soul?

This second, right now, I could be happy with making an impulsive decision. So where is my strength and courage now???
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