When does it go away? Do we ever get normal?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by RememberLove, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. RememberLove

    RememberLove Member

    As long as I remember I´ve had some kind of anxiety all my life since I was a kid. But its only the last 5 years I´ve become aware of my illness (depression and maybe some bipolar), accepted it and worked with it.

    Sometimes (like for the last 4 days) I just feel so tired of working and struggling with it!!!! When does it all stop and go away? Will it ever end? The dr and my therapist says that people do get well and "normal" from depression. But sometimes I just get so sick of this working and struggling and as soon as I do feel better BOOM I hit rock bottom again!! And everything just feel so hopeless like im wasting my time, energy and effort to get well!!

    Last night I got over the suicide state and feel pretty good today... but boy I was so close to end my life this time, I planned and prepared. What if this is the way for the rest of my life?

    Can anyone live with that for the rest of ones life???
  2. zRichi

    zRichi Member

    hey RL

    the thing is a lot of ppl live with this =(

    the sad fact is routine = sad,slow death

    Unfortunately we're told to live this routine so we can afford that 42 inch tv, that bmw, that house with the fooking yellow door. We start to feel alive when the world is our oyster again. That anything can happen and that life can be truly awesome.

    please have a look at a post i just posted...

    The general consensus on most depressed people living in western societies is that "I don't want to die, but I don't know how to live". I believe my post could be an opportunity for you. PM me if your serious.


    Kind regards and put some family guy on :D that always me makes me smile when I'm so bored of life im close to tears.

    Richi xxxx
  3. tired82

    tired82 Well-Known Member

    I've also wondered about when will things get "normal". My dr, family & friends all tell me that things will get better/normal, etc (we've all heard it before). Problem is, I can see what being normal is - having confidence in doing things, not worrying about stuff negatively, etc - but I can't imagine myself being normal. My depression is so rooted in my personality that I can't imagine being someone completely different.

    Sometimes I wonder if I would rather stay depressed and not get better. I know that's just an excuse not to help myself & get better, but it sure's easier than trying to be normal.
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Everyone's thoughts on what is normal are different. That's because we are individuals with our own way of thinking. I have been like this as far back as I can remember. To me I have decided that this is my life you might as well accept it.
    Don't get me wrong I like to hear about others who have turned themselves around, and are living a fairly normal life. I only used my case for an example. I wouldn't wish this life on anyone.
    There is so much in this world to try or see. In my case I have seen all I care to. I have been to five different countries, traveled around the states, and joined the military. so bottom line is I have been there and done that.
    If you want change you have to work for it. Set small goals to acheive, when you start accomplishing your goals throw in a long term goal. Communication is also a key factor in your recovery. Talk to someone. I would recommend your parents to start with, because that is a big one that you can add to your bank of positive things. I hope you find your way thru this. Stay strong and safe::chopper
  5. woundedgirl

    woundedgirl Member

    I don't think anyone is completely normal or if normal exists at all. Everyone has something going on in their heads they just don't admit it. I'm feeling like you right now i've just had my daughters communion and my son's confirmation to keep busy with and now that it's all over i'm so low !!!
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