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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by PaintedCanvas, May 8, 2008.

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  1. PaintedCanvas

    PaintedCanvas Active Member

    Right now I feel like I'm running on empty, there's no point to anything. I actually have 'nothing'. (Except my health which is pointless on it's own). I'm sick of people saying, 'hang on, you'll get through it' , I don't WANT to get through it, thats just it, Game Over!

    I'm currently trying to get the ingredients to a particular lethal cocktail with little joy so far. I'm at the point where I'm perfectly happy to put myself at risk by buying controlled prescription drugs, i need a 'fail proof' method. I've ordered some and now I'm just hoping they show up.

    I'm running out of energy just writing this. I hope this ends soon.

    Please don't reply to this, I'm just babbling.......no-one to talk to.:paperbag:
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  2. The Groop

    The Groop Member

    I feel your pain, I feel the same way, the only reason I'm not doing it at the moment, is beacuse my dogs life will end also & I love him to death. He has given me more love & affection than any human, so I can't bear to see him dying without me at his side.
  3. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    Groop is correct,get yourself a dog too. I love to have one but I travel & its heartbreaking to leave them. So I resort to stuff animals, at least I don't hsve to deal with shit & feeding.
  4. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I hear you. It would be great if a suicide cocktail were on the market.
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