When family isn't enough any longer.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Beamer1970, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Beamer1970

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    I'm writing this evening to ask a few questions...

    What happens when staying on this earth just for family is no longer enough? Not for any other reason other than living with enormous physical pain and with no hope of curing this pain whatsoever and no selfworth? Does this mean that I should subject myself to this physical pain for the next 40 years so I don't hurt anyone else emotionally? I'm guessing most here would rather see a loved one go to heaven than to live a life in extreme pain so why is taking my life so bad in the long run? Why is there so much compassion for pain relief and the terminally ill but not for those that suffer with severe chronic pain? To me, and forgive me if this sounds rude as I certainly don't mean it to be, but isn't this a little selfish? Not directed at anyone here at all, just a question in general.:biggrin:

    I do know, I've held on for almost 3 years now for my child but now even this barrier is subsiding and I see that I'm becoming more of a burden to my family everyday. I talk openly about my death to my child(not suicide of course) but in case my injury eventually causes my death and I think I've prepared him to have a life filled with great things and love despite my absense. You know, sort of a pick up your bootstraps, move on and have a great life, type of talk. He understands and fully intends on doing so.

    If I call a suicide hotline is my call recorded and sent to the police? I can't have this happen because I'm a public figure. I know I need help but where? Where can I go and have complete privacy? Where can I go to receive help and have no written record of it? Where can I go and not have my family know? Where can I go and be alone and still get some help
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    I too am suffering my own battle with a health issue. I have talked to my children in the same manner you have, and they understand. Atleast now when I do go, they will not be so full of questions and what if's. I truly believe it will be easier on them that I go now rather than they have to watch me waste away from the disease. I can't help you with were to go for the help you seek. Unless you have a lot of money available and go through private care, everything else is pretty much "public knowledge". But I do hope that you find the help you are looking for. You sound like a very positive individual and you have much inner strength. Good luck.
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