When I Close My Eyes

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    My Poems

    Here are some poems I wrote a while back. I was going through an old site that I made and came across these and decided to share. That is only a small selection of the hundreds of poems that I have. Hope you enjoy. There will be more to come.

    When I Close My Eyes
    You no longer are here
    but you still control my life
    I close my eyes and see your face
    I dream only nightmares
    You ruined my life
    Made me believe that I could be happy
    You only caused me more pain
    You don't deserve the life you live
    Plaguing my every thought
    Happiness is becoming just a dream
    I have a muse now and a love
    But you keep me from seeing
    You keep me from feeling
    I no longer wish you to be here
    But you haunt me like a ghost from my past
    What did I do to deserve this
    Your hands torture me the same way
    When I close my eyes
    I hear my screams
    I see your face
    Trying to close the door to the past
    Like smoke it covers all around me
    Each tear a reminder
    Every breath a fight not to surrender
    Throat closes up
    All goes black
    Screaming inside
    When I close my eyes
    Can I believe this is real
    Don't understand why
    Haunted, plagued, and tortured
    Everyday a battle to be won
    You no longer are here
    But you still control my life

    Keep Going

    I am screaming inside for someone to set me free
    I turn around to see you but all I get are whispers
    You are part of me as I am a part of you
    Every passing moment terror crosses my mind
    I know that soon it will be okay and peace I will find
    I am loved by you and nothing else matters
    I love you my sister for being there to catch me
    I love you my friend for being there to listen
    I love you my mother for holding me closely
    I love you my brother for making me strong
    I love you my family for supporting my every step
    I love you my love for teaching me everything will be ok
    I listen with my heart and speak with my mind
    I know that there is no turning back but there is still time
    Looking forward with every step every motion of the day
    The screaming is becoming a whisper
    And now I see your face
    You are honesty and trust
    You are truth and you are love
    You are the very air that I breathe
    The very essence of my soul
    You are a part of me as I am a part of you
    The whispers turned to silence
    Your face I hold in my hands
    I know that I can keep going
    And I will because you have given me the chance

    You Tear Down My Walls
    You tear down my walls
    You feel what I feel
    When my eyes fill with tears you do the same
    When my face smiles happy I see your grin
    I reach out to be with you
    But life pulls me away
    You are my best friend
    Friends to the end
    You’ve known me through heart break
    Stood by me through pain
    You are more than my friend
    You my sister to the end
    I will never leave your side
    When you cry I will hold you close
    When you laugh I will join
    When you hate life I’ll tell you why it’s so good
    I keep pushing you to move forward
    When you want to go back
    You're my sister
    You're myself
    You're my best friend
    And there's nobody else

    Thrown Away
    You ripped my heart out, tore it to pieces, and threw it to the ground
    You stomped upon the love that I had and killed all that I had found
    You took away my happiness, took away my life
    You destroyed everything and gave me only strife
    Was I ever good enough to be loved at all?
    Did I deserve this push that made me stumble and then fall?
    Will I ever find my strength again to stand upon my feet?
    Will I ever have the heart to love people that I meet?
    Can I ever be the only love that someone has ever had?
    Will I ever meet the man of my dreams that's with in my head?
    Does true love really exist or only pain and tears
    Do people really understand every single fear?
    Everyday I wonder why, why I wake again
    I gather everything I have, my wits are wearing thin
    I see how people treat me, different emotions everyday
    My soul gets emptier and emptier with every word they say
    Thoughts of us keep pounding in my mind
    Telling me over and over about our time
    Time spent together, sharing everything
    Time that I had to spare and how my heart did sing
    I wonder how you could destroy this, everything so dear
    I did love you but you only caused my tears
    Just because I'm still a teen doesn't mean that I don't feel
    Every emotion that I had was true and very real
    My mind is spinning in circles, my thoughts are racing round
    I don't understand my feelings, my heart breaks with every pound
    First I want to cry, then I need to shout
    My emotions screaming, I need to let them out
    Shadows in every corner, whispers on every wind
    Life is but a lie, every breath a little sin
    I keep pushing forward, but it only throws me back
    I thought I had your love to catch me but that's something I did lack
    Tears falling from my eyes until they hurt to even blink
    My heart, my emotions, they were lifted just to sink
    Body's shaking shivering from the pain
    Is there anyway to actually stay completely sane
    You stomped upon the love that I had and killed all that I had found
    You ripped my heart out, tore it to pieces, and threw it to the ground

    From The Daughter You Never Knew
    Living in a world shadowed by never ending tears
    Crying out to every one but no one ever hears
    Mouths that speak lies and eyes that hold the truth
    Dreaming of escaping from this never ending youth
    Haunting images reaccuring, pictures playing in my head
    I am screaming out but not a word is said
    Your watching me reach out to you and you push away my hand
    I thought that you were close to me, I thought you'd understand
    Then I awake and the dream seems to end
    Your love and your care it was all just pretend
    I can't take this sadness, I can't take this pain
    Everyday it seems like all it does is rain
    Cloudy thoughts and overwhelming fears
    Thought that you would be here through all these years
    You should have held my hand and been by my side
    Should have helped me with the pain I've had to hold inside
    I wish that you could be here to watch me graduate
    I wish you were here to meet every guy I'll date
    I've wished to see your face every day of my life
    I just want you to know that I've grown up right
    Mom has taught me lessons that were your job to teach
    I'm starting to learn that, for you, I have no need to reach
    I'm growing up now becoming an adult on my own
    This is the hello you get from the daughter you've never known
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