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when i see my mother...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by bubblebear, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    my mother is very introverted. well that wasnt my point. but it gives a bit of background info. she prefers to be on her own alot and really doesnt mind so much. im the opposite. she also has some of my grandfathers genes. sometimes she can be very stubborn and she doesnt understand other ppls points of views. like litereally its like a brick wall. at those times, i know its best not to keep pushing. it wont work anyways.

    it really hurts at those time because its so true what im saying and its so obvious but she doesnt realize it and she'll keep saying ' well thats what u think' . and she doesnt see it. its the same with my uncle too. tis the same. hes a lovelyp erson but he is blind from stubbornnes sometimes. it hurts me. and when i explain to her it never gets through. and coupled wit hthe fact that my dad never admits to anything. it means im alone. truly, alone. and it depresses me. it makes me realy upset and sad

    anyways. my point wasnt that. i jsut got carried away. my mother doesnt have a job since we came back from travelling.we are all looking for employment but its dull. its hard to find a job around here. she spends all day everyday sitting in bed watching tv. lately shes been taking naps halfway through the day because shes tired. i dont suppose the tv and sitting all day has anything to do with it?

    she doesnt want to go out for walks because she can do her exerciese at home. at the beginning whenever i headed out for walks i asked if she wanted to. she alway refused. for one reason or another. its not that sehs anxious ro anything. she just litierally. does not want to leave the house. sometimes she can be very settled and i think this is whats happening

    i see her in bed all the time watching tv and it hurts me. she complains about being tired but i feel helpless and i feel like theres nothnig i can do. she wont listen if i tell her she needs to head outside and get some fresh air. i feel helpless that i cant do anything and it hurts me. and it upsets me. it makes me realy upset when i can see somethiing happen to someone but i am powerless to do anything. it upsets me

    thats actually all i wanted to say. to vent. the helpless feeling. it happended with m ydad and now its happening with my mom. lol. i know i should focus on myself. its hard when i see them everyday

    oh bonus news: my dad will be going to hong kong soon i thnkn yaaaay. makes me happy even tho i now he has issues. when he is gone i can go to the doc and get them to send a referral for the psychologist. i didnt want to ask them before because they send appointment letters hom and i didtn want my dad seeing. i dont think it would go down too well and i am far too imprinted to change. i will get a referral for the psychologist. yes. hopeully he'll leave soon. yes. i am seeing cousnellor tomorrow. i hope it goes well. i want people here and i want connections but then i get to oparanoid when i am with people. it hurts me because i want somethingbut i dont want it at the same time. its awful.

    okie bye bye. i made raspberry muffins
  2. Striking

    Striking Well-Known Member

    Be open and honest and you will feel better and hopefully find insight. Remember, you cannot change others so focus on you and maybe they will see the wisdom of your words through your actions.
    Tell psychologist office not to send reminders.
  3. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    yeh i spoke to her about it before but she doesnt see it the same way. its fine for her to sit in bed all day everyday. i know. i cant change them. just hurts me when i see whats happening :( yes cant wait for my dad to be gone woooooo!!!:D