When I...

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  1. Emerald Hyperion

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    When I...

    When I hug you, will you hug back?
    When I talk, will you listen?
    When I laugh, will you smile?
    When I tickle you, will you giggle?

    When I say I love you, will you say it too?
    When I fly, will you marvel?
    When I hurt, will you comfort me?
    When I shield you, will you admire me?

    When I am angry, will you soothe me?
    When I dream, will you be there?
    When I travel, will you come along?
    When I age, will you be there?

    When I can't breathe, will you panic?
    When I fall, will you catch me?
    When I disappear, will you worry?
    When I die, will you cry?

    No? It's okay. I understand. It's alright,
    Knowing you or anyone else was always quite trite.
    As much as I try to open up and bring about the light,
    A nobody like me is ever worth the fight.


    Wrote this on a whim after having a beer and getting drunk due to depression. I thought it was quite shitty, but when I re-read it... it made sense. At least... to me.
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