When is it time to say F* it??

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    When is it time to say fuck it? It's no longer worth the effort. The constant failures outweigh the occasional successes? I cannot please anyone, including myself. It's kind of comical actually because the fact that I am even posting here disgusts me. It's an absolute fucking nightmare. I know it's me, though in truth I don't know what it is so I can't fix it though I guess without knowing exactly what it is, I can't really say for certain that I would fix it. So, all I know is that I cannot relate to most people. I don't share the same life or world views. I may share one little piece with a person, but never the whole package it seems. I have committed myself to people though and have a responsibility to those people. They didn't volunteer for this or to be so closely involved with me. It was a fucked up fate that did that.

    ehh... fuck it. I am done worrying about it. I am what I am and will be so until I'm not. LMFAO... and if you understand that.... seek help immediately. Lol