When is ''the right time''....

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  1. Petal

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    This has always confused me. When is the right time to have sex. I mean..you start dating, you like him..you feel like you know him, comfortable with him etc..how are you supposed to tell when the right time is if you feel the same way about him all the time..if that makes sense:unsure:
  2. Alexpt2

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    when's the right time to have sex, hmmm..............

    That depends on who ya ask.

    Ask the deeply religious folk and they'll tell ya the right time is your wedding night. Most people will tell ya you should wait till you've known the person a long time and are in a committed relationship and all that good shit. Me however, I think the right time is whenever you're comfortable enough with the person to do it. Weather that happens on date 1 or date 100 don't make jack bit of difference in my eyes. Really, its your body, do it when your ready to do it, and fuck what anyone else says. Don't let anyone else's views on morality and whats right or wrong effect the choices you make, or the way you live your life.
    Just use protection though(especially if you havent known the guy very long) Lots of nasty STD's floating around out there these days.
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  3. Bigman2232

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    I agree.

    There is no "right" time just as there is no specific normal person or anything else that people say is the norm for doing things.

    I'm ready for sex now, but will I have it with the first girl that actually says yes? Who knows.

    People make a huge deal out of sex but the actual act is just a small part of a relationship, whether that be a romantic or casual one. The big part is what do you feel? Do you want it? Do you trust the person enough to be with them in that way?
  4. jameslyons

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    I say when you feel it's right, or when you and your partner know what the other expects of the relationship. That way nobody can be hurt too badly....but I've only had terrible relationships. So ...please take that into account :)
  5. snowraven

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    When you decide that you want to.
  6. andyc68

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    when you feel that he wants to be with you for you not just for the sex bit.
    this is a tricky area, lets face it, it could go all wrong and you end up being hurt badly and feeling used.
    but saying that, you are an adult and you know your mind and him better so hell, when you are ready is good enough.

    just be careful
  7. LenaLunacy

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    Its all relative depending on the person. Each person has a different time when they feel comfortable having sex. Just take it in your own time, and when you feel ready. Go for it:)