When life itself is a pain, can only death be the cure??

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Thor, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Thor

    Thor Account Closed

    I am going to turn 23 this year and death seems to be the only option left for me. I am trying to give my best, but the best is never good enough.

    How can you actually life if there is no hope anymore. No hope to achieve anything? How can I achieve good grades in university if I see no future. I have had several psychologist, but they cannot help me.

    My father has destroyed my childhood, he abused me because he thought it would make me stronger and harder, and for years I was living in a war trying to protect my mother. I never made friends for all I learned was to distrust people. Now, all that's left is hatred, violence, pain and sadness, they are my friends, my companions.

    For many years I was able to find comfort in one of my most precious hobbies. Astronomy. Now all it gives to me is a neverending pain. Every night when I look up to the sky and I can see the stars I know I am trapped here on earth. Trapped on a world were I will never find peace.

    I do not want to wear a mask anymore. People think I have a wonderful life, I am a funny and happy person. They don't see the lakes of tears I have cried, they don't see my problems who are tearing me apart...And of course no one is allowed to see it. In our society only the strong survive.

    The agony is growing day by day. I can only keep on going when I think about the fact that one day it will be over. But I am not sure if I can/will wait another 60,70 years.

    Uhm, now that I shared some of my thoughts it feels better, but only for a while.:sad:
  2. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    life is a pain. but pain means somethings wrong. just because death is inevitable doesnt make it a cure! you wouldnt hang yourself from toothache, youd rip the painful bugger out (or a dentist would). you wouldnt play russian roulette because of a headache, youd take painkillers, or sleep, etc. death is not the solution to everything. its just death. but there are solutions. you dont need to cure cancer, you just need to... ok i dont actually know. but we cant all make mountains out of mole hills. look, just because you cant overcome a problem doesnt mean you cant bypass it! come on guys and girls! i dont want to have to say anymore goodbyes. i know that i will have to eventually, as will we all but all of us, together, we're stronger than we are alone!
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    No there are many cures for pain and suffering in our life. There is therapy talk therapy someone to help you get through the pain a psychologist there are medications to decrease the depression and anxiety there is this forum and all the supportive people here to talk to and who will listen to you. Death is never the answer it only causes a cycle of pain reach out and call crisis call good samaritans call therapist doctors and get help for yourself okay we care here and we want to see you well. please get help for you.
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