When My Kitty Goes

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  1. Forgotten_Man

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    I just realized that when my kitty dies I will have nothing keeping me here. Zero, nadda, nothing my life will be devoid of any meaning. All I have is debt, and I don't care if it screws over my family. I will just die and there will be nothing that can be done.

    Some of you may wonder why I am saying this. Well it is simple really. I have given up on the one other goal I had. That goal was to get good with women. Over the holidays it is hard for me to get out and do my exercises. So while I was sitting at home, stressed out thanks to the holdiays. I thought about things a lot. Then I came to the conclusion that all I really want from women is sex. Then I analyzed what it would take to obtain such a thing. When I saw that the occasion bed time for 1 to 10 minutes... if I Was lucky. Was not worth the hours of other crap I would have to deal with. Because I know I will never get any girl who would want to be as active as I require. So what is the point?

    With that realization, I decided that it was best to just quit. I can get as much as I want as often as I want in my imagination. With my imagination I can pretend my hug pillows are alive and warm and all that stuff. With the time I will now have I can do other things as well. You know things to pass the time as my kitty's time to pass comes. Women give me nothing other than sex.

    So I wonder how long I will last when my kitty dies. Maybe a night... maybe an hour... maybe a year? Not long though, after all once she is gone I will have nothing to keep me here. I kind of laugh at myself for having such an obnoxious goal as getting women. If I could get women I would not have any issue getting them. However, I think once you hit a certian age where it is just a joke to keep pretending like you have a chance. Oh well now I have plenty of time to pass the time in a relaxing way.
  2. cloudy

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    i would feel the same way if something happened to my kitty. not replacing him, but finding another kitty giving him a chance at life, would that help?
  3. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    All that finding another kitty would do is guilt trip me into living. I cannot say the next kitty would be as happy. Plus everyday, I just want to die more and more. Once I move across the country. I will vanish, because I am not worth knowing, and be dead for at least a month before I am discovered. Really getting another kitty would just make me a creepy old man. A target to be framed for a crime I didn't commit. Best to just kill myself when this kitty goes.