When not giving in is not enough.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by golrab, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. golrab

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    I have been on anti-depressant/anxiety medication for 12 years. About a year and half ago I had a very strong relationship end and since then the medication has not had the desired effect of keeping my negative emotions in check. I have switched medications (from Paxil to Viibryd) and while it seemed to help at first it's back to the same feelings again. I've have tried to limit my negative thinking, but most days I'm struggling to get through my job. I cannot make any progress at work, my self-esteem is in the dumps (I have acne and hair loss at 32) and I feel utterly alone. I feel empty. It doesn't make me feel any better to talk to my family and most of my friends have moved to other states and started families. One or two days a week I actually think I can make something of my life and enjoy myself. I try to tell myself that it's all an attitude since if I could feel that day one day than why am I feeling the exact opposite the next. I'm afraid to share my thoughts with anyone now because that is what drove away the girl I loved, and everyone I know has so many struggles of their own. It's not enough to just get by. I can't take heart just because I've lived another day without seriously considering suicide. Does anyone know how to function or even succeed in anything while going through this?
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    Ya, I been there. Each day is a struggle. I think about suicide every day coz I feel my life is wrong, it's not for me. I feel like I'm sleepwalking through life because I escape it a lot thru naps. They make the days go faster and, before you know it, I'm dead.
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    if you're afraid to share your thoughts with people out in the real world, you can share them in here. try the chat if you feel like it. it really helps. telling you from experience :)
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