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When the time comes I will record it for you !

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Have been depressed.. so sadness creeps in.. in the past i attempted 03 times.. slashed my wrists/arms.. survived.. bad scars now.. then took 02 bottles of vals.. stomach pumped ..survived - bad liver thereafter... jumped off the roof .. broke my ankle.. survived- bad limp.. guess im not ready to go as yet.. but have decided next time.. will record it .. upload it before i go and let you all see what is like to be tranquil / peace..again..read about a kit they have on the internet.. assisted suicide.. wonder if it will work..:mad: .. the setting has to be right.. best way to aide ur depression is to have a big bottle of vodka.. sip is slow.. feel urself fly and create a everlasting impression.. aahhhhhh.... till then adieu.
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I dont know if you should do that. Watching a video of someone commiting suicide may trigger people. I dont think you want others suffering worse because of you do you? unless you're a sadist, i suppose. either way, im pretty sure it will be swiftly taken down by a mod or an admin anyway. I would suggest against it.
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