When to call in the crisis team?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by GoldenPsych, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. GoldenPsych

    GoldenPsych Well-Known Member

    What is the point in the crisis team? What will they actually do if you call them? When do you call them? I mean if it was when I felt like self harming, well I'd be on the phone to them all the time. If it was when I was thinking about killing myself then again I would be on the phone to them all the time. The thing is with me I think about these things all the time. When I decide I am going to do something about it I am too stubborn and nothing brings me back from it. So how will the crisis team help.

    I've got to go back to the A+E on Friday for more checks. They will see new cuts then. So going to have to explain all that. I don't think crisis team will hekp with me. It's taken me since September to be able to start even remotely being honest with nurseman, and even then there is things left out. He is not someone I can see whenever either. He just comes after I have done something stupid. The woman from self harm support (I'll call her Sam as only seems fair to give her a name being as though I talk about her a lot) I find it hard to be honest with her.

    I come on here and write a blog so I can be honest, I can write what I want and get my thoughts, feelings and fears written down. It helps me make sense of my crazy world. I remain anonymous and no ones perceptions of me will change as you have never met me. You don't know me and you will never meet me.

    I think about death all the time. It scares me. The thought of dying scares me, and the thought of living scares me. Yet I can't continue like this.
  2. Ady2011

    Ady2011 Active Member


    I have been under the crisis team twice and their role is only short term in order to set you off on some medication and get you refered on to somewhere else for more help. They do spend some time talking things through with you on a one to one basis to help you get to the bottom of your problems. It also helps them find the best place to refer you on to. Only your GP or the A&E department can get your refered to the crisis team, you can't do it yourself.

    Have you tried talking to the focus line ? I presume you are in the UK.
  3. Ady2011

    Ady2011 Active Member

    You sound exactly like me. I think about death all the time and get close to trying something about once a week. I think it is a case of trying to break the cycle that we are in. When I stop and think about it all, there is better options than suicide and to just walk out the door and never come back seems better, but not ideal.

    I tell everyone exactly how I feel and it doesn't make any difference so you might as well be honest with them. If they realise how bad things are for you then they might be more willing to get you some help. Have you tried mirtazipine ? It is a sedating anti-depressant. It makes you feel like you don't really care what is happening, you just want to go back to sleep.
  4. WishICould

    WishICould Well-Known Member

    I rang them once. Now everytime I see anyone from Mental Health they say "I see you rang the crisis team". FFS, it was 2 years ago but it dont matter whether I am telling the person face to face now that I want to die, it only matters that I really actually did phone the crisis team once upon a time so it must be bad!!!!

    I dont wish to post this to put others off from phoning them, it is just a comment that once you do it seems to go on a permanent record.
  5. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    maybe you can print out some of your blog posts and take them on friday when you see sam. it might help you to open up. hang in there...
  6. WishICould

    WishICould Well-Known Member

    What a fantastic idea !!!!
  7. BornFree

    BornFree Well-Known Member


    I am under Crisis Team at the mo, after 2 suicide attempts, the last one serious and was hospitalised as inpatient and got home Monday night.

    It seems that Crisis/Home Treatment Team appears to be them keeping an eye, assessing and supporting you in your own home as opposed to an inpatient in hospital and at the drop of a hat if they think you're worsening then they can get you in as an inpatient to hospital a lot quicker as they're kinda "joined" with the hospital.

    It is so hard opening up to them - I never know who is popping round... one time I rang when I was so close... and "Posh and Becks" came straight round. they looked more like models who were an item :smile: hence the name. Then there's who I call Grumpy from 7 dwarfs. But the more you tell them the more they can help as they then know what help you need.

    When they have commented that I have phoned the Crisis Team they have seen it as a positive that you rang for help when needed instead of just taking action yourself. Saying that it was after a visit from Posh that I lost it when she left and attempted. So everyone's experience is different I guess...
    I do know they want you to call them so that they can help try keep you safe and either talk or pop over to see you.

    Hang in there! I hope things get better for you soon. Tell them so you can get better meds that work so you can feel better. You're worth it!

    Take care
  8. GoldenPsych

    GoldenPsych Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. I should probably be calling them then knowing how I am feeling. But I wont. A few reasons. The first being as I live with my parents and they don't know I don't want anyone round my house, secondly is that I can't be telling people who I have never met before and who holds what power they do anything, and thirdly I am seeing Sam tomorrow and I also have to go to A+E so if I mention what I have done there they will probably get Nurseman or someone I have seen before anyway to come down.

    I am currently on Mirtazapine, I think the only reason they have let me carry on taking it is because I say that it helps with my sleep. I use it as a sleeping pill and it knocks me out after about 45minutes. I have tried Focusline in the past but I find all those help line things really patronising and of no use. I was referred to crisis team by nurseman who got them to come to appointment with pdoc on Monday. Nurseman is worried about the blood letting etc and said I am close to be sectioned. So he got crisis involved with me.

    Have woken up feeling like crap this morning and it's harder and harder to resisrt the urges.
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