When Trucks Attack......

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    Well... I'm going to be writing this in a humorous way, or trying to at least, because its still fresh in my mind, and if I write it any other way I'll probably emotionally crap all over myself.

    2 weeks ago (I know, took me a while to post, nyah.) I was cruising in town to pick up my girlfriend, and I was going along the highway at a perfectly average Canadian 100 km /hour. That translates to like, 50 - 55 miles an hour or something.
    Well, I drive this really old truck, kind of beat up, but it normally treats me really nice, always passes inspection, doesn't cut out on me or anything. Then, it tried to kill me.

    I was on a nice downhill straight away after a turn, and I'm ambling along at my comfortable pace, taking a drink of my coffee as I do. Then WHAPPO. The entire truck lurches to the right, I get burning coffee to the face and chest, and I end up slanted badly to the right, and my truck is trying to get airborne.
    I heard the most godawful grinding sound, and the whole truck frame started shaking violently, like a paint mixer.
    I managed to keep it on the road, but the most FRIGHTFUL sensation in my life was when I felt it going to the right, off the road, and when I hauled the wheel back, I very nearly felt the truck roll onto the crippled side, right over. I mean, I lurched up out of my seat, and my seatbelt was the only reason I didn't go headfirst into the rood.

    I managed to roll on straight down the hill, slowing at a nice even rate so I didn't cause my truck to try and flip me again. It was about at this point I remembered to breathe, and that I was okay, and that I could take control of my limbs again. I had panicked completely, but instinct saved my ass, because if I hadn't of turned sideways when I did, my axle would have caught on dirt and probably done mean things.

    So, after I stopped, I sat behind the wheel for probably a full minute. Some people stopped and rushed over to make sure I was okay, because they had been behind my thrill ride. They opened the door, and the man reached over and undid my belt to help me out. I must have looked unconcious or something, but at that point I felt okay. It was when I got out, and my legs hit the ground that I pretty much a complete and total meltdown.

    I don't even remember much of it, other then collapsing to the ground, and having these two guys help me over to the side of the road away from my truck. One of them kept talking to me, but I don't think I was talking back much. When the ambulance came, they checked me out and pronounced me okay, though I got a hospital ride anyway.
    My dad picked me up at that hospital and took me home. (I didn't realize this, but he had already picked up my girlfriend, and took her to my house to wait.) I have to say, coming home to my girlfriend after all that was the straw to the camels back. I laid down, and just bawled. Cried, cried, cried, harder and longer then I ever have in my life, and she sat with me.

    I've never been so god damn grateful in my entire existence to have lived through something. I never realized how badly I love life until I almost had it taken from me. It is /so/ much different to almost die in an accident.

    I still have nightmares about it, and in almost all of them its because I couldn't pull the wheel over quick enough, and I rolled off the road. Creepy, I know.

    And for you curious people out there, the truck had very minor damage. Just some body work where the tire came up and dented it. And I still drive the damn thing, although with a lot more caution. I haven't been on the highway since, I take the scenic route.
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    Holy shit! :eek:hmy: Had to've been quite the eye-opening experience.

    Glad you're ok :hug:
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    I'm glad you had this experience! Makes you realize how precious life really is, and how STRONG the survival instinct is in us all.

    And hey, you now have a GREAT story to tell at parties :)
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    Omg thats sad lol. Through out my whole life ive never had a good car. I have had a bad experience with cars too lol. We used to have a big yellow bus like van, and a beat up old ugly truck that was noisy. Once we were in a really nice place is town, where there was lots of nice shopping centers etcetera. We were driving in my grandma's ugly old red truck and it broke down right in the middle of traffic in an intersection. Cars were going both ways still, it was the most embarrassing moment in my life probably. We had to get out and push the car. I also almost died once because my friends father almost drove off the side of a mountain with us in his rv.
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    my god hun - im so so glad to hear you are ok. cars/trucks can be scary. i was in a crash - car rolled after skidding on ice landed upside down in a field. i was so so lucky to get out of that with only a few pains. it is scary but makes you see how precious life is. and that you are needed here on earth.

    Take care and safe driving

    Love clare x
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    We were so poor when I was growing up. My Mom had this car (a fiat, nice) that died every time you made a left turn, so we had to map out where we were going so that we would only have to take right turns to get there :laugh: