When will I stop hating people?

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    Ever since i was a child, for as long as i can remember i have been an angry girl. Very, very angry. i get angry with my family mostly. i was always yelling at my parents and my brother and sister. i dont know where all this came from. i felt like i was always the bad one in my family, the mean and bitchy one. and i still feel so. i always argue and i was even so angry i threw things and many times me and my brother started to beat each other. i also hit my sister one time when she had stolen something from me. sometimes i just cant control my anger towards them. but why is it like this? i need therapy really.

    when it comes to my friends, i never argue. i dont get angry over little things, i just forgive and we move on. im a completely different person. the only comments i got from my friends is that im really nice and sweet, and i know i am. but i just have so much anger inside of me. and i dont know where its coming from.

    there is something im very sensitive about and that is love. i was always protecting myself from guys, no kissing, no sex, no touching, no liking, no loving. i just dont want any of those bastards who only wants sex, or who will break up with me after 2 months. i had a boyfriend for a year until recently. he was a nice guy, he was virgin when we met, never kissed, never liked a girl. he was exactly like me. but we broke for many reasons. now i met a new guy that i like. he is older but also a good guy, he has a bit of a past though, not too much like other bastards, but still a little. and i was always such a good girl, for respect of my future boyfriend, but he wasnt thinking like that at all until 3 years ago so i feel like i did it for nothing. im very jealous as u can see ;)

    im just angry with all these sluts, and motherf*ckers, all they want is sex! how can they be such idiots. i dont want anything to do with such people, i dont wanna be a part of it, i dont wanna know anyone like that. now i only have friends who are really good people, i cut out everyone who isnt from my life completly. i just HATE PEOPLE. what the hell is wrong with me?

    i can really get too angry while thinking about everybody in this world, who are all so selfish and mean. whats the point in living in it.

    a big problem that im starting to get a little worried about is that when i get angry i really feel like beating them until they cant move. i daydream about it even. god, now i sound like a pshyco :) im really not. im a nice girl. but just all this anger is killing me.
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    Sorry ur angry :hug:
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    thanks :) Im ok now.
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    :sad: glad you're feeling better now.. i'm sorry you're angry though. :hug: