When will it end?

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    Seriously I feel bad every time I'm around them, all they cause is grief I can't even talk to them without feeling like I'm stepping on egg shells I have to be so careful to not piss them off. Even when I'm careful I piss them off on accident and I don't know how to recover from it.
    They always say I have an attitude which isn't true I'm always kind of happy or something but never mad, being mad gets me no where. I only get mad after they say how grumpy I an and how pissed off I sound. And after they ask me tons of questions.
    I'm not an angry person! Sometimes I wish everyone would leave me alone! Stop making me figure out your problems!
    I don't normally care but sometimes I want to think about myself
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    I know how you feel...I hate when people ask why I'm mad, especially after they piss me off. I hate being around people who don't understand where I'm coming from. It can really be a struggle when you only have yourself to rely on. Is there a way you can get away from the negativity for a while? Even to just be able to clear your head...maybe it will help.
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    If that were remotely possible I would do it but I cant