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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by xan, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. xan

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    About 2 years ago I knew I was ugly, I knew I'd never try hard enough to get a really good job and knew I'd never find a girl who'd like me. And knew I could be happy if I changed it all.

    Now I've got a decent paying job, enough that I've started saving for a house and am actually working fairly hard... probably still not as much as I should. I've been with more girls than I thought I ever would. I've been going to the gym and taken care of myself a bit more so that I feel more attractive than I used to.... but I still feel so hollow, so empty, like it's all meaningless, what's the point in life?
  2. justMe7

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    I don't think any person, religion or whatever knows the point of life imo.

    I'm struggeling on my own accord to find out my own point in life. Like you, I know that having a job, a partner, money, wealth "understanding" "freedom" whatever, doesn't amount to, something missing.

    Idk. I'm leaning towards the fact of searching life. Discovering something, exploring something, connecting with something. Producing something unique. Creating, and discovering new things, exploreing my own nievety and such. I think sometimes we nievely define limitations or things ahead of us, or inside of us. But when we explore them and open ourselves up to them, we sort of liberate ourselves from the dull definitions we've put infront of us.

    I honestly don't know mate. I think absolute purpose and "finding" that place where everythings perfect, or filling that gaping hole inside... Idk. I don't if anything we do while we're alive can fill it. I'm not advocating anything, im just being honest. People who find "god" inevitably, in my opinon. Read, or hear what they think or believe they "want" or "need" to hear. And they could legitimatly be right. I just think when that emptyness gets bad, sometimes the "purity" of words and feelings that come from a devine being such as god sound all too good.

    I think you know this already, otherwise you wouldn't be you right now. But just to throw it in there, becareful to what you let in there. So many people let materialistic desires fill that void.

    Sometimes it's just appriciating the moment and everything in those moments. Not looking to define things in the moment, but letting them be what they are, and just experiencing existence with them on an equal level. Then you can manipulate the world around you to make what you want happen, limited to the person you want to be. The rest of existence? I think that's exploration, awareness and continual humbleness. The more we "know" the more we close ourselves off life.
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