When you like your best friend.

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  1. It really isn't fun. I really like my friend, katie. Sadly she is a long distance relationship with some guy shes never met before. The guy she likes smokes, drinks, and does drugs pretty much just for attention. Katie is a pretty cool girl. More of the metal, scene looking girls if you go into those kind of sterotypes. We hang out probably 2x a week for close to 16 hours between the two times we hang out. She is just such an amazing person and it kills me to not be the one who makes her happy. And well she loves the bf shes with now but likes maybe 3 other guys, one is my friend. She doesn't know I like her and I hear about all the guy problems she has or how much she loves her bf. We flirt so much, sometimes in more kiddy ways like poking or gentle shoves or sometimes cuddling and hugs. Katie is moving about 150 miles to meet with her bf, whom out of respect I will not say his name. He is a loser and she deserves better. she is moving at the end of summer, and well I would tell her how I feel but I am literally TERRIFIED of the thought of losing her as my friend. I know I know not all people will stop being friends with some guy who likes them but wow, it is a really bad thought for me. I don't LOVE her I think but she means the world to me. And well, is one of the main reasons I made an account her. Sorry for the venting. And sadly im sure this is not the only time i'll talk about her here.
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    How old are you?

    If this girl is moving, it's probably best not to do anything, and she has a boyfriend so that's even more reason not to.

    Also the fact that she has a boyfriend, but still allows it to be common knowledge that she "likes" three other people? She sounds immature and like any relationship with her would either be shallow, one-sided or very short... maybe all of the above.

    That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but that's my honest opinion.
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    My thoughts exactly. If she really loved her boyfriend she wouldn't have her head turned by other guys so easily.

    I recently (back in December) told my best friend that I had developed feelings for him after a five year long friendship and despite him telling me nothing would change, we haven't spoken properly ever since. He's avoided me and barely ever replies to my texts, and as a result we are no longer anywhere near as close as we were and no longer best friends. Moral of the story: make sure if you do tell her your feelings that you're prepared for the worst.
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    hmm, this is a toughie to be honest and i hope in a small way, the views on here help in some way?

    ive liked a few of my mates, one in particular. we went out on a few dates, and he decided he just wasnt interested, so we became mates. for the past 3 years we have met up every so often and just did mate things (dinners, bushwalking, movies), but wed also get a bit intimate and although ive been completely honest with him, i know we will just always be mates.hes a wonderfully supportive guy and sometimes mates is simply good enough, especially when the person seems worthwhile.

    i guess what i am trying to say is, while the feelings may never go away, you will learn to appreciate that there are a lot of wonderful people out there who are just as special/if not more special and who may make you truly happy. also if you actively try to forget the person, it helps a treat.

    if you want to talk any more about this, id be more than happy to listen :)