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When you think about it.

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Eh. I'm shortly going to be kicked off my Uni course for not attending. I saw them ages ago to start regular counselling, had one visit with a counsellor who said she'd put me at the top of the waiting list and be in touch, and no one called back.

I really needed it, too. I very much doubt that I'll be able to have any counselling before I'm booted off the course, and then I don't suppose I'll be allowed it.

So much for people caring, eh?


I am no counselor (yet hehehe) but i and those here are more than willing to help to do what we can.


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There are other ways to get free counselling honey.

First off, if you want to stay on your uni course then I suggest you talk to your tutor, or someone, and see about maybe deferring until you are better, or getting special consideration and stuff. (they can't throw you off if you are ill).

Then hassle the counselling person to get yourself seen. Also, try going to the docs and getting counselling that way. Another way to do it is to try your nearest citizens advice bureau who will know of cheap/free counselling. Also, if you try your local mind (you can find that in your phone book or via google) they too can tell you about counselling and therapy in your area.

Please dont give up on it.

If, in the meantime you need an ear/eye, then feel free to pm me.

There are ways and means to get what you want. Please fight for the help you deserve

Take care
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