when you're depressed what makes you feel better:


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We're all very good at telling each other how and why we feel depressed etc. but we're not so good at telling each other what makes us better:

so here goes:

When you're low, what makes you feel better.
What makes you feel better in the short term and in the longer term:

For me:

Short term feel better things:
  • Exercise.. specifically running (outside if the weather's ok, or on a treadmill)
  • Walking - hill walking... being on top of a hill or moutain in whatever weather makes me feel alive. Looking up at a hill/mountain and knowing that in a few hours I'll be up top, makes me excited. Getting to the top and I feel great for having achieved something I set out to do.
  • Sex.. if it's good sex: I feel great for ages. Not so good sex: I feel good for a few minutes - but overall generally always feel better afterwards. This is much more true if the sex involves someone else (and not just myself) LOL
  • Watching a good film - I have a couple of favourites that always make me feel better.
  • Getting some really good music on and then cleaning the kitchen or bathroom - somehow other rooms aren't as rewarding when they're cleaned, kitchen and bathroom look best when they're tidy
  • Sitting on sofa with my dogs - sometimes they piss me off when i'm down, but they're persistant and always wear me down :)

Long Term Things

  • St John's Wort.. helps me stay "normal"
  • Having clear, achievable goals: yeah it sounds like "therapy speak" but it really does help me stay focused:
  • Eating properly: i.e. for me, no Bread, chocolate and not much sugar. No chips either (gives me farts) and plenty of good quality vegetables.
  • Volunteering for my local MIND group (the mental health charity)- really does help me realise that in many ways I've had it easy - puts my whinging into perspectives at times, teaches me lots about myself and others, and damn it, just makes me feel like I'm doing something useful.
  • Being Fit: feel dreadful when I feel unfit... notice how much happier I am when I'm fitter.
  • Keeping busy.. less time to stress out, less time to get dragged down into my own little microcosm.
  • Work: when I do good work I feel brilliant, when I don't do good work or fuck up, I feel terrible, but I do learn from it, and know that I won't fuck up in the same way next time. Knowing that I need to learn more in order to do my job better, means I always some more progressing to do (no one likes to stagnate!)
  • Realising how far I've come in life... sounds a bit bollocks when I express it out loud but when I do sit down and realise just how much I've changed over the last few years (for the better mostly) it does make me feel happier in myself.


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i dont know anything that works long term for me but short term some things that help me are:

  • sleep, it helps recharge my batteries
  • going to a mind art group, it gets me out of the house and i get to do art which i love....which brings me to....
  • doing art, its relaxig and ive always loved it
  • spending time with friends online, i dont get out much bcos i dont like being around people i dont know so spending time online keeps me in good company
  • going to London to see my best friend, i dont get to see him much so its always a joy when i do :smile:

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That was really good stuff from both of you, thanks! I'll have to try it, and come back with some feedback.

I would say keep this bumped, but its already a sticky!


Playing PC games cheers me up for a bit but then they jus get boring and i feel like shit again.


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Exercise - walking my dog - always helps, fresh air and sunshine. Also doing something/anything nice or helpful for someone else. Takes me out of myself for a bit, makes me grateful for what I have, instead of complaining about what I don't have.

Short Term:
Being with my dogs ^^
Music - either playing it or listening to it
Writing... but sometimes it makes things worse
Helping people

Long Term:
Eating normally (not too much junk)
Being really, really, really busy
having something to look forward to

Thats all I can think of at the moment hehe. Its a good thread. =D


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- calling my overseas friends
- listening to music (Dido :wink: )
- watching The O.C. (TV-show)
- making plans for meet-ups with people
- shopping for cd's or dvd's
- chatting with my mates
- going into town with my housemates


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Trees, leaves, fish, birds all of nature really. Specially my cat.
Life can be so simple and beautiful. (Unless you're a human of course.)

Oh art and music... it reminds me that mankind is capable of producing things which are beautiful and good. (and I'm not talking about the Spice Girls here)

Cartoons... 'cos they're funny... Spooon!
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I have to say death, or even just the thought of going to sleep. No responsibility. No thoughts. If someone were to offer me pill, that meant I would never again wakeup, I would take it. In a heartbeat.

Life just isn't worth it.


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I thought this post was meant to be positive and inspirational, suggesting those little things in life that cheer us up. I mean I like a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day. It's not much I know, but it's a start.


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Hmm... I'm the only one playing this game am I?

What makes me feel better in life... erm... women who dress up as bunny rabbits and cats...

Look I never said there wasn't anything wrong with me!
When you just make yourself get up and dressed and sort yourself out a bit lol, getting out, going for walks, phonecalls to people who make me smile, watching Bill Bailey...lol so simple, and kinda unneccessary as i know them all off by heart :shy: , when it rains outside and youre all snug inside, sunshine, making myself un-seclude myself is pretty helpful, realising that someone does care.


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- Music
- Going out with friends
- Watching a movie
- Lift weights
- Drinking
- looking outside when its rainy or dark weather calms me for some reason i like it
- @ Ishtar I watch o.c when I feel down too

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