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when you're depressed what makes you feel better:


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When I’m depressed I have to dig so deep cause my sons dad took his life and we are a year on and the impact has been so hard to deal with cause I was the one who was suicidal not him but he did it before me so I was left with our son and I was the one who was sectioned and spent 5 years getting better and then out the blue his dad who had everything married more kids loads of money just took his life out the blue so now when in depressed it’s harder cause I’m all he has now and I can’t give up .. I have seen the pain it has caused and in a way it’s made me snap out of it cause in my deep depression I never understood the impact on others until now witnessing the pain it actually causes on the ones we leave behind .


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I now know that in the most darkest moment. Of wishing and thinking those around us are better off without us is so not reality it’s so not the truth . We are born in one being a body that we own and a body that we should cherish and love inside and out . Fuck anyone or anything that makes us feel I worthy or undervalued . We all have a right to live and breathe a life that we should own and be happy in . Not one person on this earth family friend or foe has the right to make us feel like we don’t belong. Because it’s not the truth x

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