When you're too ugly for love....

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Shogun, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    Life is just not worth living! :(

    I'm a good guy, I don't beat, rape, or kill, yet just because I don't look "normal" girls don't want to be with me! I'm sincere, charitable, intelligent, down to earth, kind, caring and have so much love to give. But none of that matters to girls these days, they just want a super hunk or are taken.

    It's all that love to give that makes this so unbearable as being ugly will guarantee that I remain single for the rest of my days!!! :(
  2. Zodi

    Zodi Anitiquities Friend

    I bet you are not ugly. Sometimes it takes a long while to find that special someone.

    You have great qualities that a great many ladies are looking for in a man. Looks fade, money can be lost..but inner beauty lasts a lifetime.
  3. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    I'm with you 100% bab. I can relate in way more ways then one man. And it's hard alot, and it really just pisses me off to see most girls taken away by the "Jocks" or the "Cute musicians". And anyone with a decent mind isn't attractive at all.

    Don't know how many times I've beaten myself up over it. Alot of things.

    Letting you know there's another one of you out there.
  4. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    I would love to have a man like either of you.

    Men seem to shy away from me because i go for whats inside and not whats on the outside. it is your heart that matters.

    I would rather have a man with a heart that has zits on his face or a scar on him or is ugly that would treat me right, treat me kind, and give me his heart then have a man who is a stud who would hurt me physically and emotionally. those type studs are more into their self then to have a heart for others
  5. johnsmythe

    johnsmythe Well-Known Member

    I definately agree with both of you (Babalu and Xibyll). Unfortunately Looks > Personality in terms of someone's worth nowadays.
  6. Issac

    Issac Member

    Everyone has its strong points...sometimes you can not find it...but it exists...If a girl only care about your appearance, it's not worth that you feel so upset and sad...find the one who really care your feelings,appreciate your strong points....bread will be coming...Just play your role well...
  7. jamesbond

    jamesbond Well-Known Member

    had to respond. i too have been shunned by women my whole life. theres nothing worse than walking the earth alone. to be without all the things that come with love is a death sentence while still on earth
  8. Deathly Strike

    Deathly Strike Well-Known Member

    You are not alone, man.

    I am shunned on a daily basis because I don't look like everyone else. If you don't have gelled hair, or the right amount of stubble, or have one roll of fat too many then you ain't got a chance. Unfortunately for me, I'm just pure butt-ugly so will most likely never get a girl. All the good girls are intertested in the guys with good looks, but with personalities like a peice of dog shit.
  9. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I can tell you that to me looks are not the most important thing. I prefer someone that is kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, has a good sense of humor, honest, loyal, trustworthy. etc-all things that you cannot see. Looks do not make the person, inner beauty does. Many times those with the looks are such superficial people and so full of themselves that I choose not to be around them. This does not ring true for them all, but many times seems to be the case. I think this topic can go in both directions, male and female. If you are not "beautiful" and thin guys want nothing to do with you. It is an imperfect world and an imperfect society. Sad that it has to be this way.
  10. How very true, I'm with U.
  11. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    I agree, Gentlelady. I don't think it's at all just women. Men, are also pretty harcore asses. Sometimes I look around, and alot of the guys only want the girl with the thinnest waist, or the biggest chest/ass.:dry: It's pretty sad sometimes. Now Males tend to be very sexually oriented, any guy that doesn't have atleast some control over himself, will have trouble holding a relationship. As guys, you really have to just stop, and tell yourself you've already got someone. Bear with us, girls. It's difficult, but it's always possible.

    But I know that even as my preference, weight does not matter, unless it's unhealthy. And you don't abandon the person, if they have an attractive personality, good qualities like keeping things clean, mild tempered, and not controlling. Those are attractive. And you have to communicate. A girl who can understand the powerful feelings of looking under the night sky, and who can understand there's something funny or meaningful in everything, is 10x more attractive then any other girl. Sexually attractive women, like movie stars and such, probably have to be on an insane diet, and it's almost ridiculous. I wouldn't want to be with someone who so deperately wants to impress people with their looks.

    Not to say anyone should abandon their looks, but just don't go to a point of torturing yourself. And not really letting your every desire to get in the way of being healthy. I think the little things, are really big things with me. A girl who can understand and be a great friend is way better then a girl who has to rate you to every other guy, just putting you down.
  12. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, maybe you meant that in a different way, but from what I'm reading, that seems like a very prejudiced comment. And you say you value what's on the inside?

    A person's looks have nothing to do with their intelligence, personality, etc. It's how you are raised, and how you are influenced by your surroundings that develop your personality, and genetics to a milder extent, not looks.

    You've heard of Alexander the Great, I'm sure. He was, from what I've read, a beautiful man. He was also a brilliant tactician. That's one example of how looks don't (negatively) influence one's intellect or personality.

    To the OP, remember attractiveness is subjective and one is not guarenteed to be viewed the same by different people. And (unless you have medical complications) there are certain things you can control about your appearance to appear more "attractive." Bodybuilding, for one. It might not seem like a lot, but it can drastically change your image in the eyes of the opposite sex. I'm not trying to promote vanity, just a healthy body image.

    Hope things get better for you.
  13. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    Sorry, I have a bad habit of writing how I'd talk. I meant that there are great people on the inside, and that people judge them and don't even give them a shot.

    I don't quite know how else to say it, but I didn't mean that all smart people are ugly. I meant most ugly people are great. Not so say attractive people aren't, I'm just shooting for a 'most cases' thing. Not to be offensive to anyone.
  14. Babs

    I can guarantee that you are 100% NOT ugly. You are not only a beautiful person - but yeah - I saw a pic of you lol - you ARE NOT ugly! I think you're perfect the way you are. Really. Now the Egg has spoken - listen and absorb :hug: :hug:
  15. Chemical Chaos

    Chemical Chaos Active Member

    *sighs* oh, i wish i could do something to stop all these people believing they will never find someone...trouble is...i always feel the same about myself.
    you may feel bad about girls not wanting you because you're not "normal..." but would your really want to go out with some empty headed moron who's worst case scenerio is waking up with no hair straightners?

    i reckon there would be lots of people interested in you...but all the decent people are the ones you need to connect with first.
    listen, you'll never find someone if you just wait for them to reel you in, and they'll never come if you except results in an instant...
    but one day, you will connect with someone...and maybe it'll take weeks, months for you to become an item...but when you find them...you'll know. and they won't even like you for your looks...it'll be the way you smile, or...that giggle you do at their jokes, or the way you look after them when they're down...and lastly...they'll care about you...not just their subscription to Heat magazine.

    keep your hope.

    if you need me, i'm a pm away...

    Draven xx
  16. paranoia13

    paranoia13 Member

    Most women you probably meet in high school and such like guys who are complete dicks, treat women like they are a dime a dozen, and talk badly about them in locker rooms(yeah, everytime I go in there at least 3 guys are talking about getting some on x day and that they will probably dump her for this hotter girl)

    I'm an ugly guy, I just have to live with it...but I also have other problems that discourage me to ever trying to do anything about it(problem that can not be changed)
  17. Just_a_guy

    Just_a_guy Well-Known Member

    AGREED! :biggrin:
  18. Multiple Man

    Multiple Man Well-Known Member

    I can relate all too well, im ugly as sin and combined with mental illnesses, im the perfect storm.
  19. themuffinman

    themuffinman Member

    Not true... Dated a girl that was a few years younger than me. She is one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen, and she dates guys for their personality. I know most all of her ex's and they arent supermodels or anything special to look at. I myself am nothing speical to look at. But she dates guys for their personality, for the way they make her laugh, how they make her feel wanted, and because they tell her how good her hair looks. Drop dead gorgeous girls dont always go after the hot guy. Most do, yes, but not always. Just have to find the right girl. And when you do-make it worth wild.

    Its much harder to look for a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other, than to stumble upon one.

    First step in finding that person is by taking that extra step and taking a risk. Im not saying you wont fall, but its better to try and fail then to wonder and still fail. Take the extra step and meet new people.

    All through highschool i never had friends and was always scared to talk to people. when my prnts kicked me out 2 weeks after graduating I decided to say fuck it, and made an effort- partly because if i didnt, i would have no one. And now... Im friends with the "high class of town" why? Because I took that extra step.

    So take the step- it could change your life.
  20. .R.

    .R. Member

    I'm ugly in a bad way. I've been in relationships before but they were always with promiscuous girls who didn't care about me and ended up hurting me (probably better off you never experienced something like that right since it makes true love seem like something even less obtainable since they're no romantic thought of love anymore). I've got health problems to top it off. I don't even think about love anymore. I do silly things on occasion like taking a picture of my ugly face to try and show to people but that just leads me to the reasons why I post on this forum.
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