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sleep this days is almost unheard of. i'm having at minimum of two dreams every nite sometimes in upwards to five a nite. some of them are nitemares and some are just stupid. many of them are reoccurring. i'm trying to change the outcome of those dreams but the gist of them seems to be the same.

i had this dream yesterday too hard to explain really but suffice it to say the first time i had this dream i only had to look out for myself and this time when i had it i was looking out for about ten other people. it was really strange too cause the first time i had this dream there was an explosion and this second time i was having it there was also an explosion. the wierd part was i really had forgot in "reality" that it was going to happen but someone in the dream reminded me it was coming so i could warn the others i had to look out for. this crapper is i got woke up by a phone call so i never got to see how the nightmare worked out this time.

i do know this much...i can't keep doing this. my meds are doing nothing for me either to help me sleep. if i give myself twelve hours to get sleep at nite then maybe i get about seven or eight if i'm lucky. i know i'm trying to sort through stouf and i'm trying to write but isn't there some other way? i mean seriously how long must this go on? how can one sleep through a dream? is it possible?will this continue til i'm finished forever? i'd hope not sorry if this all just seems dumb i'm just tired and wanted to get it out. take care
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