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  1. systamatics

    systamatics Active Member

    when ur life becomes so dark and miserble....
    when no one likes u
    and even if they do then its under sympathy
    when u cant look in the mirror but to spit
    when u feel like shit and not FEEL but turn into real shit and feel it
    when u have no frnds and no love in ur life
    and know u wont ever have any
    when u dont know how to talk and when u do , no one understands u
    when u dont know how to be with anyone
    and always be the week one who gets fuked up all the time
    when u cant socialize and u dont have the ability to do it
    when u realize ur out of this world and u dont belong here
    and u wont ever make it here
    when u love a girl online and she loves u madly and passionatly
    and u go and meet her and she hates u and leaves u
    when everyone says ur a fuken weirdo and a creep
    when u cant have a good relation with anyone even ur dad or mom
    when u spend 8 hours at school , and the rest online chattin with people
    u wont ever meet and u love these people friends and girls and even girls u love
    when u talk to someone face to face and u just cant look them in the eye
    and u feel tense and worried no matter who is this one and u stop understanding wat they say
    when u feel down all the time and depressed and u jst wonna fuken end it all
    and rest from this life what would u do!!!!
    my life means nothing , and its stupid to live it , and i jst cant go on like this!!!! why did god create me like this :(
  2. Matty321

    Matty321 Well-Known Member

    You make me cry.

    This is sorrow that's had it's way with you, unchecked and tragic.

    I feel every word of it like we sit together now and I hate the ugly world around us for you like I hated it for my brother. I hate it ten-fold for the fact it took him. I have great rage.

    Be angry at the world with me and don't let it have its way with you.

    I care.

    I will be your friend.

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