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    Dunno what to say really. will try to keep it short.

    I lost family which some died, lost my romance, am a total alien of society, nobody understands me, nobody seems to be able to help me, nothing I do can seem to be able to remove this hollowness I feel in my chest, I can't tell the truth to my friends cause they will feel helpless & saddened by the darkness they see, since I was a kid my life has been an endless visit by sudden darkness/sadness.

    How am I still standing & alive is a mystery which baffles everyone around me with all that's happened.

    Dunno what this forum is for as I've always seen others problems like a kids problem of loosing his ice cream. I helped many people throughout my life friends & strangers even through suicide and depression. So far lost one dear friend to suicide by silly issues...

    I'm 23 male.

    What do I expect of replies I don't know I'm entirely lost thank you still
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    Sorry that nobody has replied to your post. You are important and keep focused.