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There are people that come on here obviously crying out for some love and support and everything they don't get in their lives and some people here are selfless enough to try and give it. But a lot of these people just seem to disappear. I always wonder where they are? Have all these people killed themselves and we just don't know? It's awful to think that someone you were speaking to or even started to make friends with might have killed themselves? I hate the not knowing.

Do any of you think about those that have been and now don't come here anymore and reasons why they don't?
Yep quite often actually, even people i haven't talked to i think about, its one of the major drawbacks of a site like this, i surpose we will never know. This one girl i was talking to recently on here, she got me on msn, and told me she had taking a load of pills, the first time id talked to her and she tells me shes attempting, hurt like hell not being able to do anything. I was trying to convince her to call an ambulance. She wasn't responding on msn, and then suddenly went offline. And that hurt like hell because i didn't know what was going on, a few days passed and i was worried that maybe she had succeded, then i saw she was online, my heart was so releaved that she was ok, turns out her dad had found her and she was put in intensive care.

At least i knew she was okay, but many people we'll never know :sad: not much we can do about except hope and pray.
I often worry about that too, I try and be there and help, and then they disapear, it about makes me want to cry everytime I think about it. Right now I am very worried about that young girl, Wrong. She said in her last post she had taken an OD and was gunna go to sleep forever and she never came back online. And I am just beside myself, it hurts my heart to think because her father terrorized her she took her own life, I sent PM's to her, but nothing and that was days ago.

I wish I knew what happend to everyone, to everyone whom came here for suppoirt and haven't been back and posted, if you are reading this, please atleast PM someone or post under unregistered. Please. I care for you all.
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