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    "Still here I wake and I think of you
    I see you far away
    Answer my call
    Can you hear my voice
    I hear you

    For we are gone and forever lost
    Broken here I lie
    Beneath the shadow sink
    Where daylight dies
    I wake for you

    In better lands the sun may shine
    And green leaves on trees spring
    Their opening and blossoming
    But here the raven sing

    But still I stand and think of
    Days when grass was green
    And my heart was so young
    They 've never been Past
    Forever lost"

    - Summoning
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  3. Wastingecho

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    all i have left are the lyrics - can't deal with the music any more
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    :awww: not good,pm if you ever want to ok :)

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    :sad: :grouphug:
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    losing ground, going backwards

    keep waking up in the morning asking god to let me die today

    won't take long for that thought to evolve - can't stop it

    don't really want to any more