where did it all go wrong?

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by leah82, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. leah82

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    The person i once was is now a distant stranger to me.
    I pray for a way out of this horribe place.
    My mind is screaming and i can fight no more
    Giving up is all that is inside my head and my heart.
    I know its all so wrong but also just so right.
    I wear long sleeves to hide my scars.
    I wear glasses to hide the tears in my eyes.
    Its always there memorys and thoughts i cant escape.
    They eat at me day after day.
    Im losing my mind.
    I never wanted it to be this way.

    The time has now come again.
    A little sooner then you thought.
    When you can do and bear no more.
    For life has picked you up and spat you out.
    It has shown that you were never worth saving.
    You have let yourself down over and over again.
    Dont you know by now you can never be.
    So full of conflicting emotions.
    Sadness anger and pain
    Is this the end?
    Is there really no tomorrow?
    Dont Quit Dont Quit.
    There is still a chance of surviving.

    We all have choices.
    But for you there are only two.

    You can cut your arms.
    Enjoy the pain.
    You know it wont last long.
    And you can do it again and again and again.
    Hold on dont quit yet.

    Or you can go and say goodbye
    for your death is almost here.
    Goodbye to all that haunts you.
    Goodbye to all your cuts and scars.
    Go and say your last goodbye
    For you will be leaving now
    No longer will you be afraid.
    So dont be sad for happiness will be with you soon.
    Go and leave all your bad memorys behind.
    Walk out that door this can be the end.
    Go to that quiet place.
    Look at the rocks below.
    Should i jump?
    Can tomorrow be a better day?
    Take one more step.
    Hear your las breath.
    Feel your last tear fall.
    Let it sooth your mind.
    JUMP from the edge.
    In your heart you know it had to be this way.
    Lay down and sleep.
    While the momorys of you quietly fade away.

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  2. joanie60

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    Life can get better, believe me
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