Where did my words go?

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    Urgh, I had so much to say, there is so much going on in my head, it is so busy, so active, but all that comes to my fingers is this

    'You're nobody 'til somebody loves you
    You're nobody 'til somebody cares'

    I am a nobody and I will forever be a nobody.

    Anyone saying anything different is lying

    Why did my parents not abort me?
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    Presumably your parents did not abort you because they loved you, which means that you are not nobody at all. However, I really know that feeling. Problem is, it's often that we can't love ourselves rather than that people don't love us. :sad:
    I've read a lot of your replies to others and think you are a kind, wise and generous soul. Can't say I love you cos I don't know you but it's a start to have someone's esteem I hope!
    Sarah :hug: (if you don't mind)
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    Someone make it go away, I can't take much more
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    What you see of someone when they post, on a site, be it happy, sad, thoughtful, suicidal, whatever, is never EVER going to be the full story.

    If you see someone helping, or whatever, not posting about themselves, trying to help others, that does not necessarily mean that that person is not struggling, is not confused, scared, suicidal, dying, desperate. It just means that for, whatever reason, they are not showing it here.

    I can't show here what is really going on for me, but I can give a good shot at helping others, yes, often stuffing up and messing people up more, but I try and I can't do anymore than that.

    A beautiful PM I got from someone made me realise all this, but it also slammed back in my face just exactly what is going on, it brought me back to reality.

    Urgh, I can't say what I need to say because I can't, and it would be mean.

    I'm sorry