where did she go?

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    I lost the love of my life. She basically disappeared from the face of the earth. She wad the only one I could relate to about my problems. I mean we both had problems and we both found comfort in each other. She never showed up when I needed her most and I lost contact with her. Never called me again. Her eyes illuminated my world. My heart aches with the overwhelming pain similar to a stab wound. We were facing the world together and overcoming obstacles in our desperate search for the truth and a peaceful mind. I could write stories about her even though we only knew each other for a couple months. I thought I found love but all I have left is a broken heart. She is out of my life and gone for good. I long to live in the past for eternity. Why do I have to die now? My plans have failed. I am broken. How will I go on knowing that I screwed up everything. What is my fate. Is there something better out there? The future looks bleak.