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Where do hamsters come from?


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i used to have a pet hamster, i named him hamtaru, i had him for almost 5 years.
i love him so much, he grew up to be as big as my palm, i miss him, i'd want one now that i know better how to take care of them but i have four cats so that's not a good idea...

i always thought they were desert animals that like to burrow underground and somehow people got them, like a cattery but for hamsters and started selling them.


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Where do hamsters come from? - Best to ask the dude who invented the wheel as that was why he had intially invented it for, spokes and all. That guy, he needed something to keep those furry little bastards occupied, and utilising it as a means of transportation was just a fortunate by product.

By the way, I believe they originated from Syria, where they were know as golden hamsters on account of the colour of their pelts. So some twat decided to sail over there in the mistaken belief that what worked for Jason and the golden fleece would work for him. *bleh


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Scout in her favourite place on top of Beans cage - he sticks his nose up and they kiss through the bars (at least that's what I tell myself) *hysterical

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Calypso keeps brings "pets" into the house. Luckily it's only geckos, but she seems to want more out of the friendship than they do. I try to catch them and let them out before she hurts them lol.

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