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Where do you want to go?

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Just as the title states; where in the whole wide world do you want to go to?
(Don't bother to say 'dead' or 'hell'--after all we are on SF). Just list things for all of us to broaden our world somewhat. {hope this works}

This is for information sharing purposes only.
I've been to Cuba - went there 6 years ago in 2000. Seemed very odd, going from our 'tourist enclosed' area of the hotel, into poverty stricken Havana... it's well worth a visit though :)

A place where I would like to go is Germany ... specifically back to Erfurt :) - a lovely place that is, especially at Christmas ... :)

Efurt links:
Info about Erfurt
Official Erfurt Site (in English)

I'd also like to go to Scotland :tongue:
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I would love to see New England in the fall.
To go back to Nepal and climb everest (no way thats gonna happen cos lungs buggered from fags).
To do the Easter pilgrimage in the holy land.


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I really would love to go to Australia.. i'm even thinking of going out there to live for a year :unsure: .. apparently UK citizens up to the age of 30 can go work and live there for a year with no visa, etc. I better get in there quick eh.. am researching it :grouphug:


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U. S. A.
~Virginia I've never been to New England area, Want to see Colonial Williamsburg--historical.
~South Carolina to vacation on the Pacific Ocean.
~Chicago, Ill. to see Oprah show. :rolleyes:

~Australia to visit the beloved Koala and Kangaroos. :ohmy:
~Jamica, Cancun, Ixtapa, St. Barts.....get the idea.
~England where there is lush green valleys and winding roads, castles.
~Hawaii OF COURSE!!! :biggrin:

I'm sure there are other places, my brain is asleep. :tongue:


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I want to explore the lush green valleys, and empty winding roads of Great Britain that are said to exist outside the borders of London.
Lots of people wanna go to Australia lol... oh and hadenuff, if you go to Malaysia... keep an eye on your handbag and dont wear too much jewellry - people snatch it a lot :dry: Its a good place tho ^^

I wanna go to Europe, and the US, and Japan


Japen, would be my first choice, I hade a freind in the navy their for a lot of years and I hope to go their with him someday.


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places i really want to go are the uk . im like obsessed with that place. i love the british accsent and the love soccer like me. im obsessed with that game.

hey who said australia? im from australia.
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